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      Market Section Rules   05/27/2017

      All sellers must either be Active Member or VIP , CL SPECIAL  and have contributed to CRACKINGLEAKS - Contact with admin before any deal of any site member , you need a middle man who will complete the deal , if you do deal without admin and scamed then dont clam the scam, - You're only allowed 2 threads at a time. Once a deal is complete, report it so that we can move it to completed sales. - For those who want to provide "Upgrades" to accounts such as Spotify or Netflix, your warranty cannot be lifetime, and you must be able to meet the warranty or refund will be needed. Failure to do so will get you banned. Buyers, be cautious. - No carding, no hacked payment processors, no "gift" cards such as Amazon or iTunes that may contain personal information. - Combos sold here are assumed to be AS IS. If you're looking for site-specific combos, they don't exist. Combos are assumed to work for any kind of site, and if you're looking for something like "PSN combos", you're looking to buy bulk PSN hits.