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cleaks rules
[Rules] Before Posting/Replys Or Get Kick ? Must Read & Follow These Rules.!!!!

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Guys Please read the rules and Must follow it.


  • Add Code & HIDE BB codes to your shares.
  • Report ALL DEAD accounts by clicking on Report Button.
  • Don't leech accounts/combos/configs from here to other websites/blogs/forum.
  • Don't Change Passwords, Accounts are share for all members, NOT for only you.
  • Don't post Any Bank/paypal Related stuff.
  • External/download links NOT Allowed.
  • Premium link generator sites does not belong here, share it in Premium Link Generators area.
  • Don't post threads saying you'll download things for others, e.g. downloading things from sharecash for other people.
  • Don't transfer items from one account to your own. This goes for money, points, rapids, anything that is transferable. It can kill the account so Don't DO IT.
  • Don't spam/leeching.
  • Don't share any stuff To Others Forums.
  • Only Use All stuff For Personal use.
  • You Can Take Only 3 Accounts/Combos/configs in one day (24 hrs). (Warning specially for staff)
  • Don't take more Combos/configs untill you post those account thats you got Combos/configs.
  • Please help us to clean the forum by Reporting All Dead Posts.
  • Don't reply to more than 1 thread of same Accounts If first account you replied is dead then you have to report it.
  • We are not Lechers (Leech from here to others = Banned)
  • Don't Post Accounts Inside Of adfly Type Money Make Sites.
  • Don't make fake reports, i saw many members make report, but also know that they are not allowed in this section.
  • Always make report with proof.
  • IF you caught any leecher/spammer, so please make reports with proofs.
  • Don't share private stuff & don't share private stuff in public.
  • If any member break the rules i will kick (ban) him with out any reason OR with out any warning, Everyone know my Nature. In my Rules no excuse.
  • Warning for those member, those always for upgrade there rank with out any good contribution, IF i saw any requesting  for permoting, I will ban him.
  • Don't make to much requests, make only 2 requests in 1 week, always make the request in related request zone,
  • I will say again to staff to follow the rules, if any member break the rules, i will ban him directly.

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