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    HI CrackingLEaks JuNaiD  Is here
    Open A terminal or Text editor // if your using a text editor use notepad++ 

    copy in this code i wrote it dont give out the info 

    #define _XOPEN_SOURCE 
    #include <unistd.h> 
    #include <stdio.h> 

    /* barf a message and exit. */ 
    void barf(char*message, char *extra) { 
    printf(message, extra) { 
    /* A dictionary attack exmaple */ 
    int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { 
    FILE *wordlist; 
    char *hash, word[30], salt[3]; 
    if(argc < 2) 
    barf("usage: %s <wordlist file> <password hash> \n", argv[0]);

    strncpy(salt, argv[2], 2); 
    salt[2] = '\0'; 
    printf("salt value is \'%s\'\n", salt);
    if(wordlist = fopen(argv[1], "r") == NULL )
    barf("Fatal: couldn't open the file \'%s\;.\n", argv[1])); 

    while(fgets(Word, 30, wordlist) !=NULL) { 
    word[strlen(word) -1] = '\0'; 
    hash = crypt(word, salt); 
    printf("Trying word: %-30s ==> %15s\n", word, hash); 
    if(strcmp(hash, argv[2]) == 0) { 
    printf("The hash \ %s\ is from the ", argv[2]); 
    printf("plaintext password \%s\".\n", word);
    printf("couldn't find the plaintext password in the wordlist.\n");

    ::: if your using a terminal use emacs or nano and save it as WHATEVERYOUWANT.c

    and run the program injoy you need a wordlist thoe 
    happy hash cracking

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