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Rules For Free Area On Cracking Leaks


  •     Not Share Any Thing From Free Area To Others Forums.
  •     Only Use All Thing in Free Area For Personal use.
  •     You Can Take 5 Accounts Per Day Only.
  •     Reporting All Dead Accounts Posts.
  •     Don't reply to more than 1 thread of same Accounts If first account you replied is dead then you have to report it.
  •     We are not Lechers (Leech from here to others = Banned)
  •     Don't Post Accounts Inside Of adfly Type Money Make Sites.
  •      To see hidden content you need to reply on threads.Start by introducing yourself and reply to 10 threads in the General Discussions forums.We notice that some bad & Lazy words like follows.
  •     Thanks
  •     Nice
  •     Lets seeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  •     tyty
  •     thxxxxxxxxxxxx
  •     Tyt
  •     etc........

Note: Please remember to view all rule threads from time to time as they can and will be updated

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