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Staff / Cracker / Contribution Required

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Wanna apply for Config Masta? Read.

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Config Master is a very high reputation rank and is not for anyone that knows how to make a config for some bullshit site that's been cracked 500 times before. You'll need skills above the newbie level!


Minimum Requirements before applying:

  • Filling out information without using the "Analyze" button.
  • Know how to setup POST, GET, JSON methods. 
  • Able to use variables to setup proper headers, to parse tokens in post data, to parse URL's, also the same with setting up redirect Headers/URL.
  • Must have knowledge of sniffing mobile traffic, and setting up API configs. 
  • Must know how to use Intermediate action.
  • And maybe a basic understanding of OCR. 

If you can do all of this, we look forward to your application! Oh and if you have any other special skills in hacking/software developing etc. you're also welcome to apply!

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