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Troll God Application

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Name: ZachyPoo

Reputation: 57

Posts: 157

Honesty Level: I speak the Truth on All members So They know i will tell them if there a cunt or not!

Joined: January 4, 2016

Days Achieved Top 5: I could only wish

Current Rank: CL Special

Warnings: A ton

Followers: 3 Randys And all staff cause im god

So why do I deserve Troll God RANK?

Pretty much i do non stop trolling for some reason not sure why but Ikea has a great deal right now for toasters and bathtubs!

Personally why do I think I should be Troll God?

Now personally I think I should be a Admin but i tried buying it a few time they wont take my pesos So i can settle with troll god.

Plus i crack tons of everything but to lazy to post it so i usually give it away.

Plus when i got extra pesos and someone needs it i give it to them.

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