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Welcome to CrackingLeaks

Welcome to CrackingLeaks

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//// Registration is Closed \\\\

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Hello Everyone,

We just reached more than 66.8k members, we like to make this forum private & cleaned from leechers/spammers so we decided to close the Registration, also we see many users just come and make accounts leech so there for we close the Registration. our aim is to provide More HQ  Accounts for those who are not leecher/Spammers. If we found you are breaking the rules/doing leeching/spamming we will ban your account. Otherwise you can buy CL Special / CL VIP membership from admins.



  • Newly Registered Members Must Read it
  • Please read the forum Rules and Must follow it.
  • You can join the crackingLeaks by Invite System.
  • You can get invite in $10/invite.
  • Or you can buy CL Special / CL VIP membership
  • We will never allow leeching/spamming/Pass changing.
  • If any member will break the rules we will kick (ban) him without any warning.
  • Never insult/abuse against forum/any member.
  • Mind if you have already account and got ban or working, our new security system will detect your ip/mac & will ban your all accounts, we will never refund & we can't do anything.


We accept payments from:-

  • PayPal [Only For Trusted Members]
  • BitCoin
  • Litecoin
  • WebMoney
  • Skrill
  • Perfect Money


Warning:- All members note that, we allow only buying membership/invite by skype contact. our skype id's are given above. don't pm us on site or send email. So please contact us only on skype.


Mind it multiple accounts not allowed, leechers/spammers not allowed. IF Anyone want to buy CL Special / CL VIP  membership feel free to  Contact US.

Contact US on Skype:-

Skype id's

  • live:cyber.crack007           

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