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Found 48 results

  1. CHANGING PASSWORDS ON ANY ACCOUNT IN THIS FORUM WILL RESULT IN INSTANT BAN!! Please respect your crackers and enjoy this wonderful forum. USE THE GREEN UP ARROW ICON TO LIKE A POST AND THANK YOUR CRACKERS PROPERLY! Follow me for alerts on my latest content!! Clicking the arrow to rep ur crackers does not count against ur daily posts. [Hidden Content]
  2. I am GangGamerAK, Just started to learn about cracking, I heard my friend say Cracking Leaks is op forums, that you should test 🙂
  3. Hello everyone, im new here. My name is Gigel and im from Europe, im glad to be here!
  4. I am a 25 year old male in California. Like weight lifting, basketball and a little gaming. Newbie to cracking but wanting to learn more. Thanks for having me.
  5. Hello! Nice to find cracking leaks, I like the logo! I'm in my 20s, born in Toronto. I like sci fi. Thank you!
  6. Hi everyone, just found this forum and it looks like this could be a decent one, not like most of them. Community is alive here by the looks of it, that's always good. Anyways I'm happy to be a member of this forum, everyone have an amazing day! Peace!
  7. Great to be here. The extra security whilst regerstring is annoying but well worth it in the end, especially if u wants to buy vip ect..using a payment card? A good sign anyway..
  8. Hi there, glad to be part of this amazing forum.
  9. Hi my name is Otario, I'm 25, i like IPTV a lot, kodi, tv boxes. I am a guy from Portugal, and i found cracking leaks in google, and thats it! Thanks for your work
  10. Hello everyone it would be nice to meet you all :D
  11. glad to be here. hope to find good ones.
  12. Nice to meet all of you. Im aukan from America
  13. Hello I'm Yusuf from Iraq I'm 21 years old. I enjoy cracking stuff but my region sucks so I can't hit much. ;) Nice to meet you all.
  14. Hello guys ! Thanks for let me in , you can call me LudOw i'm 25 yo i m probably not the best at cracking and everything but i may learn a little from all of you and i'd be glad to join as well some discussion from time to time ! Cheers - :)
  15. Hi everybody, i am Chris and i live in Germany. I am Male and 39 Years old. I got to CL while searching the www for Premium Accounts. So...here i am...:-))
  16. Hi there, guys. I'm Thomas from Milan, Italy. Nice to be here with you!
  17. Hello everyone, Another newbie in the house! My name is FruHendrix and I love to play the guitar which is why I used Hendrix in my name. I'm 26 yo and live in a small city, is that enough information? If you got questions, feel free to ask, maybe about music Bye!
  18. I am mannepulor I am a 36 year old male I like playing golf, badminton etc. and also to watch tv and surf on the net I found this site when I was looking for info on tv accounts
  19. Hello World ! I'm Seifer, 26yo, developer. I'm hoping to learn things there and enjoy. Greetings !
  20. I am a Dutch guy, This site came up in a random search and i thought id check it out
  21. Hi everyone, I'm Ricardo. I'm a male from Latin America I am new in this community and I really like series and shows. I hope u'll be great. See you!