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Found 8 results

  1. To those who posts cracking tools or leeched tools please provide a virus scan we will not risk our ****** computer for a infected tool use this virus scanner online.
  2. Full Subscription Plan: #1: big tits, > #2: Meet Suck And f**k, > #4: high heels, > #6: Sexy and wild college f**k out of town, > #1: College f**k Parties, > #2: Pickup f**k, > #3: Private Sex Tapes", > #4: Hard f**k Girls, > #5: Porn Weekends, > #6: Dolls Porn, > #7: Public Sex Adventures, > #8: Panda f**k, > #9: HD Massage Porn, > #10: The Art Porn, > #11: Meet Suck And f**k [Hidden Content]
  3. 1.Cristi 2.18 3.Swimming&learning new things 4.Male 5. Romania 6.And from where did u know about Cracking Leaks. I was looking for some accounts and stumbled upon this amazing community and I hope i'm welcome'd here aswell!
  4. Hello Everyone, Rules are updated please must read it & must follow it. If you are a new user please go to members Introduction and tell us about you Introduction don't spamm/advertise in your introduction. Use Only Yahoo.com, Gmail.com, Hotmail.com Emails for stay here. fake/temporary emails not allowed. Do not spam the forum or it will lead to punishment or ban depending on the severity of the offense. Users are only allowed to reply to one of the same type thread per 24 hours. If you find any post/topic is dead Please report it using then edit your post to state not working . only then may you move on to try another of the same account type, this helps keep the forum clean. Only one user account per user, If we see you are using multiple accounts you will be banned without question!! Please show respect to our crackers here who work hard to provide you with Premium content. comments like thanks, zzzzz, thnkkkkkk, eccccc and so on will not be tolerated. Leave a decent comment and use the heart button to like a post . Its the best way to thank them for their hard work. If we catch you involved in changing account passwords auto ban!! The same if we catch you trying to gain rank by cheating . We work hard for our Rep here and expect you to do the same!! =========<<<>>>========= If you reached 85 posts and you don't have any topics will get a warning points, after 105 posts will get permanently banned. Simply you can buy CL Special / CL VIP membership. By this way you will take what you need and will support our forum as well. Not allowed to ask other members to give you stuff from private sections. Ex: If you a VIP member you are not allowed to ask staff members to give you anything from staff sections. Follow the Rules Or get Kicked From Forum =========<<<>>>========= Don't Share Any stuff From CrackingLeaks To Others shit Forums. Only Use All stuff from crackingLeaks For Personal use. You Can Take 4 Accounts in 24 hrs from 1 section. You Can Take 3 Combos in 24 hrs from all sections (Whole forum) You Can Take 2 Configs in 24 hrs from all sections (Whole forum) Don't reply to more than 1 topic of same Accounts If first account you replied is dead then you have to report it. We are not Lechers (Leech from here to others = Banned) Don't Post Accounts/combos/configs Inside Of adfly, Type Money Make Sites, if we found you then you will get ban with out any warning =========<<<>>>========= Remember that, we never allow spamming/leeching. Always reply to topic with decent words, don't in reply like tnx, think, nc, nice etc... always use more than 10 words. If we found you leeching only combo or configs or account, you get ban without any warning/reason. If we found you doing leeching, not giving respect with positive vote (repu), we will ban you. Always must give positive repu with every reply to the topic. if you are giving repu without reason you will get a warning. You can give repu only when you reply to the topic. If you find any post/topic is dead Please report it using then edit your post to state not working . only then may you move on to try another of the same account type, this helps keep the forum clean. These rules apply to all users CL Special and VIP Included. =========<<<>>>========= Please use Only English Language in Forum. Please make sure before post in the in Right section. Please don't make multiple accounts (that will result in a ban for all of them!). if you will break the rules we will ban your ip/mac address. Don't LEECH From Here! (Includes everything posted here!) Don't leech from other forums to here (If you didn't make it then we don't need it!) cracking of banks like paypal not allowed to be posted or discussed. credit cards/Bank Related/Paypal not allowed to be posted or discussed. Advertising for other forums is not allowed. Don't give spam replies like thn, thnk, thkssss .Result will getting banned. If you working in other forum don't post same stuff in both forums.Else you will get banned. Don't use vpn to Browse forum, if we found multiple isp's we will ban you immediately. =========<<<>>>========= \=\=\=\=\=\=<<< ... BeSt ReGaRdS ... >>>=/=/=/=/=/=/
  5. This config is made by me, it is a really slow config due to the server on the website using heavy loads. But it still works. Proxes: Yes Proxyless: No USERPASS Captures: No [Hidden Content]
  6. Hello All, After all we have decide to inform you all about Ethics of CrackingLeaks, We have set a Daily Reply/Post Limits For Some Ranks On Forum : Loyal: Unlimited Cracker Master: Unlimited CL Special: 15 ---> (Because of leeching/spamming) CL VIP: 12 ---> (Because of leeching/spamming) Active: 75 Trail: 75 [You are not allowed to take any config or combo from CrackingLeaks, Just Show Your Skills] Coder: 20 Member: 3 ---> (Because of leeching/spamming) Here are the Rules Which You Must Follow : You can take Only 3 Configs Per Day From All Sections (24 Hours) [If Config Not Working Post Proof & Report It] You Can Take Only 3 Combos Per Day From All Sections (24 Hours) [If Any Download Link Not Working Report Post] Specially You Can Take Only 3 Accounts Per Day From 1 Section (24 Hours) [If account Dead, Report It , Do Not Submit Fake Reports,] Do Not Reply Same Type Accounts More Than 2 (Example: Do Not Reply More Than 2 Netflix Accounts) Do Not Share Configs/Combos/Accounts/Other Stuffs to Other Forums, We will ban you without no warning with Proofs. Special Note: If you reached 85 posts and you don't have any topics will get a warning points, after 105 posts will get permanently banned. We do not allow Ad Based URL Shorten Site Links ( Adf.ly , Linkbucks.com etc) We do not allow Reply Like Thxxxxxx, tks, thhhhhh , You will be banned (Crackers spend their time, money to give you accounts, please show them some respect by Clicking Like and A Good Reply) No Duplicate Accounts , Will be banned both accounts. Add A Clean & Good Profile Picture. Follow Rules Best Regards, CrackingLeaks Staff
  7. You will NOT be allowed ti have disposable emails at CrackingLeaks, if it's NOT Gmail yahoo or hotmail or other commonly used emails you will be asked to change emails, if after 24 hours you are on your disposable email, your account will be banned so far teleworm.us trashmail.ws naver.com gustr.com mailinator.com walla.com saguatti.it openmailbox.org yopmail.com dayrep.com tafmail.com slipry.net hmamail.com web.de gmx.de rhyta.com yopmail.com einrot.com fleckens.hu ass.pp.ua byom.de sharklasers.com grr.la mohmal.com armyspy.com tempmailer.de one-time.email dropmail.me teleworm.us fakeinbox.com shitmail.de @einrot.com brunimail.com Are added to the filter, staff will be on the prowl for e-mails not allowed here If you enjoy your stay here, go legit or go home Update: Here is all list of disposable/temporary/fake emails.. If you guys has this emails please change immediately before i find. If moderators see disposable/temporary/fake email, they will ban without warning.