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Found 135 results

  1. new member

    hello very much thanks for accepting me here...with you ...crackingleaks regards
  2. I am always looking for new streaming media site to crack. Here is a example: Hulu.com, netflix.com, directTV, Slingtv Any reply's are welcome.
  3. Hi everyone, I was looking into some new sites that have really good content and I believe they could be a great addition if it is possible to get them. Here are my suggestions: *[Hidden Content] *[Hidden Content] *[Hidden Content] *[Hidden Content] *[Hidden Content] *[Hidden Content] *[Hidden Content] *[Hidden Content] *[Hidden Content] *[Hidden Content] *[Hidden Content] *[Hidden Content] - All of these sites are IT content oriented, similar to Lynda, Udemy, Plurasight. On another note, It would be great if we could see some more streaming content like: *Amazon Prime Video *Amazon Music I understand that some of them might be hard to get but just wanted to give some different options to see if some might be available. Thank you everyone in advance for doing a great work around here and continuously supporting this community with your time and dedication.
  4. New member intro

    Hey, thanks for approving my membership! USA-based poster here, have been a member at other cracking sites but they've really gone downhill. Looks like you run a pretty tight ship here. Can't wait to see what all the site has to offer and how I can contribute. Cheers!
  5. Helloo

    hi everyone i am new to this forum i am so greatfull and happy to be a part of this great community i ve found this forum very usefull and informative i just wanted to help others on this forum so wish me a luck
  6. Hey everyone, I am new to this so I wanted to say hi. From the few hrs I have been on this site I already want to become a VIP to support the site. The passwords I have found on here today are a life saver & you have made my life so much better. I must do everything I can to show my thanks. I already sent a Skype to join. I hope I hear back soon so I can use this site & help out. Thanks to everyone & there hard work. You guys have made me jump with joy that I just found out about this site lol. Sincerely, You new VIP Member (one day asap).
  7. Hi I am new here.

    Hi, I will share my knowledge.
  8. New to this site

    Hi All, I am new to this site, and really heard very good things about this. I would be following all rules as mentioned and will not put spam. I will also share good stuff which I got. Thanks for allowing me to join.
  9. New to the forum

    Hey Guys, I am new here and will follow all the rules and keep spam free. I will try to share some good stuff. Thanks everyone to have me on this forum.
  10. New to the cracking community

    As the title says, new to the community but hope to share and help in anyway I can. Cheers
  11. Im new to this forum and I promise to keep the forum clean and spam free! You can count on me! And more over i may post useful stuffs hereby whenever i get the resources unsaturated and unique to this forum that's it about me! Thanks everyone for making such a niche in cracking world! Good day everyone!
  12. new to this community !

    hello cracking leaks! hope I can provide what knowledge I have and learn some new things here!
  13. Hi everyone, My name is Sam and I'm from Singapore. I'm 29 years of age. My hobby is playing soccer and watching TV, a lot of TV. Thank you for bringing us such a wonderful forum with lots of useful resources.
  14. New Member

    Hi everyone, My name is Bich Hang. Your forum is great! Would be interested in the VIP section I will research more about it. Thank you very much for having me!
  15. Hi, new here. My name is Kanika, 29, female, originally from India, moved to Australia and now currently residing in the Netherlands. My hobbys are keeping fit, music, family time and general socialising. I found this site from Google. :D
  16. you can call me Cherub, Have always loved cracking and hacking I look forward to crackingleaks for more cracking tips thanks
  17. Hello I'm new here!

    Hello my name is Stefan and I'm from The Netherlands. I'm a male and I've found Cracking Leaks through a friend of mine. I'm a car guy and I really like photography and listening to good music; Dire Straits, Eagles, Santana, etc.
  18. Sensei i'm new

    Thank you for acceptance
  19. HI, I am new

    Hi, everyone. I am new here in this forum. I was searching in uncle Google and I saw this site and deiced to join it. Male, age 31 I like Windows and Android devices, and always searching for new methods to make extra cash online like surveys. Hope I can help you all with my knowledge. Thank you ☻☻☻
  20. Hi guys, Im bussahir Ahmed Khan! Im a cool guy who tries to help this community by supporting this forum by posting sensible posts! Thanks
  21. New Member

    I hope to learn and contribute to this forum.
  22. New member on board

    Hello, I'm Kwame from London. A safety analyst. I love to read and create my own puzzles. I found this site because i like to get premium things for nearly free. I hope to learn and contribute to this forum.
  23. Someone likes my project logo with eagle leaks ???
  24. New Idea Guys

    About Change Password I Got Idea About That EX: Express Vpn and someone post on it close thread check if password is wrong or not if wrong 1th changed password and if u see password changed close thread Admins Make Report Wrong Password & Give Crackers & Posters Able To Close Threads . And Make Moderator Always In Fourm To Reslove All Reports Change password Or Another Problems I Hope Everyone Like My Idea And If You Have Any Comments About Idea Welcome. BEST REGARD
  25. New Header

    Hey Guys here is a new header for cl Forum I hope is good to place on the top. Thanks when is using in CrackingLeaks