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Found 42 results

  1. TonightGirlFriend-DDFNetwork-Czechav..And More Mix Premium Account ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I've tried all the accounts and it works. But banned account possible and share proof that it works -->Try entering quickly due to the possibility of blocking accounts ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [PROOF]:[Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  2. Selling cheap Accounts, with great warranty and support. Payment method is PayPal. [Hidden Content]
  3. Full Subscription Plan: #1: big tits, > #2: Meet Suck And f**k, > #4: high heels, > #6: Sexy and wild college f**k out of town, > #1: College f**k Parties, > #2: Pickup f**k, > #3: Private Sex Tapes", > #4: Hard f**k Girls, > #5: Porn Weekends, > #6: Dolls Porn, > #7: Public Sex Adventures, > #8: Panda f**k, > #9: HD Massage Porn, > #10: The Art Porn, > #11: Meet Suck And f**k [Hidden Content]
  4. First, I would like to thank CyberCrack for cleaning up a lot of the accounts violating the no cash link rule. Also, CyberCrack, if you want me to keep this all in my original post, please let me know. I will delete this post (if possible), and keep all my findings in the original post. Since CyberCrack's bannings on January 21st, I've still encountered people using cash links. I decided to go through some of the Premium and Porn accounts threads, and found what appear to be continued abuse of using multiple cash links, sometimes with the cash links just going in loops and/or not providing any login credentials. Other posts are just fooling people for rep, and they provide maybe 3 movies when promising access to three sites. So, here's the my list, thus far: Premium Accounts Username: Pirathacker Thread: Reason: First two comments state that it's a multiple ads, not real accounts Username: Hackerpabloo Thread: Reason: First comment says that it's ad links and no accounts. Has 3 downvotes thus far Username: 00xx00 Thread (Premium): Reason: Two downvotes and comment from IzradaWebStranica indicates it's indefinite loops on Shortzon, a cash link site. Thread (Porn): Reason: Sixth comment down, from 5hubham, states that it's a cashlink loop Porn Accounts Username: fasusa Threads: Reason: Checked myself. Has a series of cashlinks to go to accounts. Side note: CyberCrack and other Admins/Mods - fasusa gave me a negative rep for calling out his forum violation. Can you possible reverse that? Username: Sumanthbob123 Thread: Reason: Checked myself. Only links to a mega.nz folder with three videos. No logins Username: Chehacker Thread: Reason: Comment from NeWTazZ indicates that there is a link, and the accounts don't work Username: Xproo Thread: Reason: First comments says there are cash links, and accounts don't work Username: Crackyu Thread: Reason: First comment states that it's cash link/redirect sites. Username: Maycrack Thread: Reason: First comment states that it's endless ad links. Here are some additional threads you many want to just check. They may be perfectly fine, but appear similar to bad posts: [End of Accounts] Thanks to all the Admins, Mods, & Contributors for making this a great site. Keep up the great work! Edit: Found one more Username: Hackerfeev Thread: Reason: Verified myself. It's just a cash link scam. It's a Shortzen loop. I made it through 10 cash links, and still no logins.
  5. BRAZZERS-BABES-MOFOS-GFLEAKS-FAKEHUB-PORNPORTAL..And More Multi Premium Account ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I've tried all the accounts and it works. But banned account possible and share proof that it works -->Try entering quickly due to the possibility of blocking accounts ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [PROOF]:[Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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