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Found 26 results

  1. HI everyone, So glad to be apart of this awesome community. Heard really good things and the UI is outstanding, props to the front end (and back-end devs). Looking forward to being a member
  2. There should be an different section so where they can post porn leaked from different file hosting site and other leaks as well.
  3. Hi im a newbie in group, my name Josep, thank you
  4. hi im new to forum just wated say hi im from usa ny area happy to ne part of this awsome page
  5. Hello everyone! Cracking Leaks is currently looking to expand and refresh the staff. Are you a skilled cracker or config masta willing to share your work with the community? (Mainly in our VIP & CL Special ) Make yourself known in this thread, tell us a little about what you do and you might get a chance to prove yourself. Do not send any PM's. Make yourself known here, and if you sound interesting an administrator will contact you
  6. Hey, hope you guys are doing good. I hope we all have a good time on the site. Just your average gamer and user, nothing much about me that would interest you guys but I do like Chinese novels. if you like manga or anime give them a try I am sure you will like them.Recommend Heavenly Jewels on wuixaworld , my favorite manga is MX0 give them a try.
  7. Hello everyone, if you made it to this forum, that means you're one of the luckiest people. I have been here for a while now, and I have seen a unique thing that no other forum ever has, which is, that all administrative and crackers in this website are just amazing, they treat their members with fairness and likeness, and they make you feel like this is just a big family, that gives you the things you need! It's true the rules can be quite hard to adjust with, but trust me, this is for the general sake. I was lucky enough to find this amazing forum; I never questioned a thing about what they serve in here, cause everything they do is just GREAT! I would advise everyone reading this, to support this forum and never let its members down by leeching and spoofing on other members, and the true amazingemenet is even if you're a simple member you'll be treated like royalty! i hope you have the same great experience as I'm having and be supportive as much as you could, believe me, this forum worth every single dime.
  8. I just got done with my first month as a paid member and in my opinion it is worth every penny. Sure you can find plenty of cracked accounts in the free forums, but there in lies the problem. They are free which means everyone can access them. You might think "Hey, that's no big deal!" But let me tell you, when your using the same cracked account several other users have access to, you run into problems. Take cracked streaming accounts for example. If you went on a paid forum, people have the courtesy to only respond to and comp cracked accounts no one else has replied to. What that means is that you will never run into problems streaming from that cracked account as long as you know what your doing, such as turning on private browsing. Try the same thing on a free account, the problems I have is either people don't know how to stream and cover up their tracks which as a result alerts the original owner of the account to change the password, another problem, someone who replies gets greedy and takes it upon themselves to change the password, biggest problem with free accounts is, too many people trying to stream off of the same account which ends up causing it not to work, or making the owner of the account become aware that his sh*t got cracked. Long story short, become a paid member. Not one of the paid accounts I have had has gone dead. People are more courteous and usually don't reply to accounts that already have a reply. This means they either last forever or at least have a waaaay longer life than any free account. As a bonus if you want to learn how to crack, becoming a paid member is your ticket. It is full of tutorials, tools, resources, everything you could possibly need to start cracking your own accounts and hopefully contributing back to this website. This is danny k and that's my experience I wanted to share for anyone thinking of becoming a paid member.
  9. Hi, I am bloodtorn I live in the US and I am a 19 year old male. I love playing games and I found this site while I was on google looking for some porn accounts because I dont make enough money from my job as a cashier to spend on the premium sites.
  10. i'm 40 years old. On the clean web last 2000 and on the dark net last 2013, noob in cracking, i enjoy to find this board and i hope learn a lot here... Excuse me but i speak French and a little English but i understand fast.
  11. Haii! I've been on cracking leaks for a couple of months now but I was really inactive due to study etc. I am going to be helping out from now on and trying to stay active. That's really it. I have a couple of questions. 1. When I have 55 posts do I just start a thread in the members forum area to become a member 2. Why can't I access the free account tossing (it says protected forum but its in the free section) 3. I've got a lot of Minecraft accounts that I could post but do you guys have a section for that or is Minecraft accounts not allowed? (I'm talking about minercraft on the PC) Thanks and Baii!
  12. 1. Name Creep_N_Dark? Ha! I sound like a pedo :/ Can I get another name? Anyways call me lilly. 2. My age is 24. 3. Hoobies: This would include gaming reading, drawing, eating, and of course brushing up on my computer/Net knowledge. 4. Gender: female 5. Location: Some random town in Georgia. 6. And from where did u know about Cracking leaks? The internet of course. Purpose: I wish to climb from the depths of ignorance and become knowlegable in a few areas. Cant get to the top without effort. So lets start from the top. *cough* bottom.
  13. Hello, I'm new member and want to say all people on Cracking Leaks
  14. Hello all my dear friends... I am sam , glad to be here in crackingleaks....want to learn some cracking stuff.....
  15. Well hello i just found this forum and seems very nice i'll be here for a while
  16. welcome Cracking Leaks members I wish I can give this fourm what it deserve
  17. Well obviously i'm new here and i'm pretty noobish to be honest when it comes to cracking but I learn and always give back more then what I obtain! I'm a 29 year old man from the East Coast of the U.S I found this site by searching for sites like the one I was a part of for awhile. I hope this site differs in where there it was more a dictatorship with no place for individuality no matter what you brought to the table. I'm just looking to learn, have fun, benifit from my work and make this a possible long term home! Well enough rambling... Happy Easter All Noob Stats ON [OFF]
  18. Just want to say hello to every cracking leaks members and happy new year:)
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