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Found 109 results

  1. Hello all crackingleaks members Happy to be with you ... My best regards 🔥❤️
  2. Hi guys, i came to this forum eager for information,i love cracked programs,Softwares and technology in general.Hope becoming a greate member who respect rules and contribute with the community.
  3. Hey there, Im irohasu 25 years old i like to crack stuff am a female found crackingleaks by surfing on google. Have a good day o/
  4. Hello, thanks for accepting me. I am here to learn programming-find any course accounts in here, like udemy. I love it. Will buy a laptop for penetration and learn security too in the future. And may donate money here :D
  5. Hi, I am Fexis, it is very nice ,to join the this forum .I like to see hacker movie ,but i don't no to practice .^-^. Thanks for master who share his knowledge with us ,Love this forum so much .
  6. Hey im wizzard, it is a pleasure to join the cracking leaks community
  7. hi everybody, thanks to letting me be a member of your community, hope we will help each other.
  8. Hello everyone. I am Sagar and I currently live in the USA. Thank you for accepting me as a member as I have recevied a lot of help from here. Thank you.
  9. Whats up everybody, im bliblo and here to learn some of the tricks and trades of successful cracking. I hope some of the users can assist me in my endeavor to provide premium accounts for people like myself who are not very fortunate to purchase these accounts. Lets have fun, and thanks for letting me join.
  10. Hi my friend I´m omegadarth and I´m new here,thank you for taking me into the community 😁 !
  11. I am happy to be here, and I can see that the whole forum is loaded with great value... Thanks everyone
  12. I am new here in this Forum. So plz give me tips and suggestion
  13. hi all howard here nice to meet you all
  14. Thank you for accepting me here on this excellent forum. Thanks again.
  15. I am new member here in this forum.
  16. Hi there! Sarah here.... I'm just a girly-girl in my early 30's from California. I found my way here to you lovely beings through some deep email sleuthing, on a goldmine of a phone I found by 7-11 (seriously lol) I think it was meant to be! Anyways, pleasure to meet you and I'm looking forward to being taught your clever ways ;)
  17. hello guys iam your new brother its an honor to be with you
  18. Felling really excited for joining the cracking leaks. Thanks Admin for approving me to be a part of this community!
  19. Hi, I'm Anaio from Spain. Male of middle age and i have found Cracking Leaks looking for some quick tools to check combo lists for this newly discovered world of hacking . My hobbies depend on the time I have and the desire to move :) Nice to meet you.
  20. Hi, Thanks admin allowing me to join this forum, I'm male 32 years old. Hopefully can contribute to forum near future. Know this forum from a friend.
  21. Greetings to all, I am honored to be in the position as a newbie of this fantastic forum and learn further about the opportunity to collaborate with the expert group and understand better about this full-potential area. I am One seeking for enlightenment. =) P.S. You can call me Alex, a male Ph.D. student from Croatia who is in the quest for open source and free of charge scientific journals and databases quite accidentally encountered on this God gifted forum. Unfortunately, we are living in a time when science has become a costly sport, especially for junior researchers. My hobbies include playing sports (football, swimming), listening music (rock and house) and playing gently with ladies. Kind regards, Alexusson
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