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Found 18 results

  1. Hi Friends... first i would like to tell something about myself before moving to the subject. I m a basic cracker with limited sentrymba skills. i can crack sites with capture and proxyless if its not that tricky. i have been power user in many other reputed sites. I was trying to find one specific config around and found CL. after a bit of research and stay i have found very dedicated people and positive potential in this site. So i stepped forward and got VIP subscription. I hope i will be able to learn and serve on my best level with the help of my brothers. Regards
  2. I am now starting with year 2 of cl special and in my last year here, i have seen members stay and go but the HQ has never left. And i will always appreciate a community where i can have the support of the staff and the rest of its members. So this year i hope to see this forum thrive as i know it can be number one place where people can meet and crack at the same damn time!
  3. Title says it all, How to crack multiple sites by sentry at the same time... I just wanted to share this method as i believe some people don't know of this. Honestly at one time even i didn't know of it. well here it goes... "Lets say i am cracking depositefiles.com" "and i would like to crack lets say alldebrid.com" in order to do so, "From the drop down menu of "Switch Site" choose Free Bruteforcer Slot" now select "alldebrid.com" from the site menu or add a snapshot if you prefer... RESULT...
  4. Getting Started Here is what we'll need: Time and patience 5-10 email accounts Specifications Linux server with root access 10Gb storage space 100GB Bandwidth 512MB RAM The Methodwww.cloudrino.net First of all, You need multiple email accounts(disposable won't work), as we are going to sign up multiple times Go to Cloudrino.net and register your primary e-mail (the one you want the VPS account to be under). You'll notice this referral based system jumps you up in the queue when you register e-mails. So, to jump up the queue, send invites to e-mails you made in your hosting account. Go to your e-mail account and confirm the emails sent from Cloudrino. Repeat this until you are at the top of the Queue. If you get to the sub-100 queue(below 100). You will get a registration link before 24 hours.
  5. -=₪۩۞۩₪=- CrackingLeaks Official Skype Group FOr Crackers -=₪۩۞۩₪=- IF any cracker want to join crackingleaks official Skype group,, then pm to ░©hd-volve™░ OR Cyber Crack -·=»◆ Rules ◆«=·- You must be a good cracker. You must have knowledge (Use of) Sentry MBA, Vertex, Account Hitman, You have knowledge to make basic configs of Sentry MBA, Leecher's OR owner OR staff of other forums Not allowed. No abuse or insult of other members of group or fight not allowed Always shared the stuff in zip files Private stuff not allowed to share in public/other forums. Best Regards
  6. 1. First Of All Click On Store http://crackingleaks.com/store/ 2.Select VIP Membership / CL Special Membership On Your Dressier For VIP Membership http://crackingleaks.com/store/category/1-vip-membership/ For CL Special Membership http://crackingleaks.com/store/category/3-cl-special/ 3. Select Your Package Like 1 Month / 2 Months Or 1 Year 4. Add To Chart 5. Check Out After These Step We Will Receive Your Order and Contact With You For Procedure CrackingLeaks is a non-profit forum that uses all of the donations towards server Bills, plugin updates, and giveaways. BEST REGARDS CRACKINGLEAKS
  7. So here is a tutorial on how to make hc stealer ,troyan ,keylogger the tutorial is not mine i jsut find it while i searched for something and its realy noob friendly even i managed to set my stealer up
  8. Hi guys i'm happy to be here and do my best to help each other out. I know a littel about cracking and will share my accounts i crackand so on thanks hope to speak to u all very soon
  9. Since some people been having these issues I will leave a simple guide. 1. Copy paste the config into a notepad 2. "Save as" and choose all files 3. When saving a for example Rapidator config, in the name add ".ini" Example: Rapidgator.ini