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Found 90 results

  1. Well, obviously I am new, wouldn't be posting here otherwise. I'm Jo, female and I am in my late 30's. I have a few hobbies including my increasing collection of tarantulas and photography. I have a very spoilt cat I'm from the UK (Kent to be more precise) found CL whilst looking for something else. I wouldn't say I know it all, happy to learn and share where I can.
  2. Hi guys... my name is Gianfranco and i'm from Italy... glad to be here... i love programming among other pc stuff and painting... before i forget i'm also a memer :D
  3. Hello im new here, im looking for configs and email:pass also i have a project for you - Free checkers. soon ill share it with you.
  4. Hello everyone, Giantrock here and it feels good to be part of this community, am looking forward to enjoying myself with you guys.
  5. Hi, I'm Anaio from Spain. Male of middle age and i have found Cracking Leaks looking for some quick tools to check combo lists for this newly discovered world of hacking . My hobbies depend on the time I have and the desire to move :) Nice to meet you.
  6. Hello, I'm new to this forum. 26yo male. Appreciate all you guys do here and wanted to say hello :D
  7. I am just returning to the scene I have not been around since the early 2000s I look forward to attempting to contribute as much as possible (just breaking off some rust.)
  8. Hi everyone, I am a new member her in this website. My name is Jay I like technology and I love windows operating system and android I wish I will be able to help you all and share my knowleadge with you thank you for accepting me as a member have great day
  9. Hello, my name is Amber, i'm 20 and i love video games, that's why i'm looking for certain accounts, like EA or steam stuff :3. I'm a girl, if you didnt noticed mah name ! :3. I live in France, cause baguette n' stuff. I knew about cracking leaks on a Minecraft server that is really good, someone who was really kind got me a Netflix account :3 ! And i have a quick question for that tho, will it make me a member and will i have access to Active section tho ? c: And will the posts of active section be on the Chatbox too ? Thanks for reading mah introduction :3 Amber !
  10. Hey Guyz, Sohaib here aka Saibi from Pakistan. Im male 32 was looking for premium account of file sharers & came across CrakingLeaks forum. Login didnt work but lol im here now. I just completed my bachelors in Computer. Looking forward to learning from you all. Cracking is always been a interesting direction for me.
  11. Hey guys, It's OrangeMan, aka the 3 legged elephant. I will begin cracking soon within the next 3-4 weeks so expect results. Can't wait to be an active member.
  12. Sorry but going through rules for new members and it seems like a lot is required, and if we cannot buy something or create threads to help others gain access to pornsites our days are numbered. What if we are not crackers and cannot do threads to help? Maybe I'm wrong but it's just impression I have. What's so bad about joining, getting some passwords. Are there other ways to contribute without spending money or giving out passwords?
  13. Hello guyz, it feels good to be here and looking forward to enjoying myself with you guyz, I want to thank the Admins for putting all this together, your efforts are highly appreciated. thanks
  14. I would like to say I'm here for the community and to learn about cracking, but that would be less than honest. But hey, you can't fault a guy for being honest, right?
  15. Hi I heard about you guys on the Deep Web... I'm working on some project... could be nice to post them here in the future , I keep you posted Thanks :)
  16. Hi all, Just read the forumrules, so now a bit about me. Found this site browsing and since I'm into hashcracking, I thought I might be of some help here. I know that cracking is much more than that. I have a little knowledge of sentry and other tools, but I'm sure I can make nice contributions. I love sports, like to work out and especially crossfit, bootcamp and HIIT. See ya all!
  17. my name is Ayoub 22 years old and i love to crack i hope this forum help me and thank you for all appreciat it very much
  18. Hey mates, I'm corbeau from France. Looking forward to this community.
  19. greet for all. i'm a new user in this forum. I'm from Indonesia. hope that I will enjoy and could make contribution to this forum. thanks
  20. Well... I joined on 13th of may and forgot i had an account. Lol. Was just searching on google for some leak forums and i found this one again!
  21. Hi. I am trekkeriii. I am here looking for accounts to use for my Roku device. I am in the IT field but tired of getting screwed by the Cable Companies, so the more stuff I can get for free, the better. Safer than torrenting IMO.
  22. Hey sam12804 here from cracking***** where i usually hang just want to become a member here and chill with all you bros :)
  23. Hi, Taha my name. Found this Forum here cuz it's similar to crackingleaks and i googled for EzCrack and I stumbled upon this website ! So hello to all
  24. Hey Cyвєя CяαcK bro as we spoke on skype i like the board so i joined in see a few familiar faces here Debit from Golden-Joint here I am old_tiger on Golden-Joint & nanu on many boards. Looking to get a nice rank here & post stuff as well as enjoy here Regards nanu