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Found 670 results

  1. Hello, my name is Manuel aka:Manele and I am from Belgium. I am 20 years old and I enjoy surfing adult sites in general. I have enrolled in this community because I like the content you are distributing here.
  2. Hi to all I'm new here,its great to be in this community...
  3. Hello everyone, im new here. My name is Gigel and im from Europe, im glad to be here!
  4. Hello, I am Mikaelus Aka: Mika, I am a man from Venezuela I will share in the forum as much as I can, greetings.
  5. Awesome to be here Hello everyone
  6. I drop accounts and other stuff, i mean shits.
  7. Hi all forum, thanks for accepting me.
  8. Barpa


    Hi all forum, thanks for accepting me.
  9. Prime


    Hi Guys I m Prime. Hope i will learn useful contain here.
  10. My intro. Nice site, like the color scheme. 1.Name Andrew 2.Age 25 3.Hoobies Playing/watching soccer, video games, running, and of course ****** 4.Gender Male 5. Location USA 6.And from where did u know about Cracking Leaks The Interwebs
  11. hi, hello to everybody from italy
  12. just want to say hello to everyone, cheers.
  13. hi my name is The3Monsters I'm from Morocco I'm a male, and I have found Cracking Leaks looking for educational accounts (Lynda, Udemy...) and my hobbies are reading, play foot, billiards. I hope you all guys have a good day 😉
  14. Hello everyone I am new here thanks for approval
  15. Hello, I am nepic and I'm from Portugal. I'm 25 years and I like crack accounts with sentry mba . I found crackingleaks on google searching for good cracking forums.
  16. Hello everyone I am new here thanks for approval
  17. i new here so ...
  18. Greetings guys and gals. Name is Donkeyramp, I hail from the rainy emerald City known as Seattle. I'm 36 years young, and I've been fascinated with hacking/cracking since the good old days of war dialing and phone phreaking in the mid 90s. I just recently got a job in the tech industry, working at a large data center I'm Seattle, and I've never been happier. Been here for 2 years and I still love going to work everyday. I'm hoping to eventually get some certifications finished and work my way into the security sector. Other than that I'm a ex-hardcore turned casual gamer, I love cars and women, most of all my suby. Look forward to learning with you crazy cats. Oh and I stumbled upon this forum from a thread in hackforums. Cheers!
  19. Hi, am from Brazil. Looking for tutorias and passes. Let me try! Thank you
  20. Nice to be back again after the account log in problem!
  21. Hello I am very happy to be among you on this excellent forum I live in France and I work in the air safety on roissy-cdg airport PARIS
  22. Hi, I'm Alex around 25 and live in US.I'm interested in BF and cracking, try to learn new things. I find out about this site when trying to learn more about stuff,and searching. Thanks for cheering me
  23. I am a 25 year old male in California. Like weight lifting, basketball and a little gaming. Newbie to cracking but wanting to learn more. Thanks for having me.
  24. Hello friends! Juno Marian here! this forum is good! graphics and theme is good!