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Found 482 results

  1. Hit the [ ↑ ] button if you want more or you liked my thread/post! [Hidden Content] Hit the [ ↑ ] button if you want more or you liked my thread/post!
  2. Combo Type : User:Pass Proxy : Yes (SSL Best) Bots: 80 Capture : Account Type, Expire Date , Email [Hidden Content]
  3. Things you will be explained and will need for this tutorial and cracking your own RDPs: * Dubrute v2.1 * nmap scanner * iSayHi's personal username list * iSayHi's personal password list. Why Dubrute? Simple, it is THE best tool to crack RDPs. Period. Why nmap scanner? Best tool to scan IP's with RDP port enabled. Why iSayHi's personal user/pass list? Gives you a greater chance to crack RDPs! [hide][Hidden Content]] Second download dubrute. [hide][Hidden Content]] NOTE: ANY POPUPS YOUR ANTIVIRUS GIVES IS FALSE-POSITIVE. RUN IN SANDBOX IF YOU DONT TRUST ME. Now click Generation STEP 1: Click on file IP and select results.txt we got from running nmap. STEP 2: Click on file login and load iSayHi's login username list STEP 3: Click on file pass and load iSayHi's pass list iSayHi's golden userList: [hide][Hidden Content]] iSayHi's golden PassList: [hide][Hidden Content]] Click "Make" and then it will generate a "source.txt" file containing all possible combinations of the login possible Next click config: And just choose where your source file is which we generated earlier. VERY IMPORTANT: SET THE NUMBER OF THREADS DEPENDING ON YOUR RAM! DONT PUT MORE AS YOUR MACHINE MAY HANG AND BECOME UNRESPONSIVE UNTIL DUBRUTE IS FINISHED. I RECOMMEND 100 THREADS PER 512 MB OF RAM. That's it your done! click OK and in main menu of Dubrute click Start and it will start cracking RDPs! After some time of running, you can get loads of RDPs and if you are lucky and experienced, one day you can crack like me Thanks....Enjoy