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Found 9 results

  1. hi my name is Ahmed Ali i'm from egypt ,i'm a male and i have found Cracking Leaks from google search when i was searching for free accounts ,my hobby is to learn programmin languages,, pleasure to meet you and I'm looking forward to being taught your clever ways ;)
  2. hello guys iam your new brother its an honor to be with you
  3. Hi, my name irfan,28, and im from Malaysia. Streaming hit me very hard and this community is the best place to be..Thanks all.. 😉
  4. x 1 DirectTV plan : CHOICE :Over 175 digital channels package, including movies, sports, family, Kids and music channels: Current Balance $0,00 Last Payment: Received on 10/23/2017 NOT change the PW or the account will be Dead ! [Hidden Content]
  5. Click Me to Buy 1 Year with PayPal or BTC for $11.30 Click Me to Buy 6 Months with PayPal or BTC for $6 All accounts have a warranty until end date of Account! ~All sales are final!~
  6. i'm 40 years old. On the clean web last 2000 and on the dark net last 2013, noob in cracking, i enjoy to find this board and i hope learn a lot here... Excuse me but i speak French and a little English but i understand fast.
  7. Hello I am a new member of this awesome community i have been around the forum and found pretty great info & so many friendly people here , i think that i will improve my cracking experience on here it is a pleasure to be part of this nice family have a wonderful day & see u soon
  8. Hello, how are you doing guys ? i am new in this " Hacking forums" and i would like to learn to not be a Leecher because its all about giving others i hope so much to learn as much as i can after then i will teach new members "Like Me" anyway i hope i enjoy my stay and i hope to find good members and good Mods that asnwer my annoying questions i want to learn: Sentry MBA Configs Combo Proxies PSN Cracking i hope you guys enjoy here as much i will enjoy too Thanks