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Found 1,568 results

  1. V5 is Out Now! HMU for the updated copy! Only works with 64 Bit Machines At this time! Now in Color! (Green = Good, Red = Error, Yellow = Debug, Magenta = Filtered) Added Empty Account file threshold Added "Clean" mode, wont show 'Bad' accounts only Good and Filtered Added "Help" menu, Lists program arguments with information Changed proxy.txt and combo.txt files to "combos.txt" and "proxys.txt" Proxys and Combos text files will be generated if not found Exit Signal (Ctrl+C will now close the program safely) Miner Fixes (grammour, wording, counting errors, ect...) "Proxyless" mode (Can run without proxys, slow.) Filtered Accounts can be saved to "Filtered.txt" for later scanning or using. Accounts now saved as "Account #.txt", "Pro Account #.txt" and "Filtered Account #.txt" [TOOL WORKS AS OF: AUG 2017] MegaCrack - $25 ==> $20 [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE WITH PAYPAL] MegaCrack - $20 ==> $15 [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE WITH BITCOIN] FIND BTC WALLETS. ETH WALLETS... KEYS FOR STEAM, ANTIVIRUS, WINDOWS... A LOT OF VALUABLE THINGS. WHATS FILTER THRESHOLD? Per example you put 3 there. It means if an account has 3 archives goes to the folder Accounts If it has less goes to filtered.txt Recommended settings Vouches: More vouches below Questions: Contact me if you have any questions that you want to ask me... Skype: zach_farlowhf DISCORD GROUP: [Hidden Content] Contact Sickness or ZachFarlow Terms Of Service You Cant Leak This Product You Cant Sell This Product You Cant Chargeback There Is No Refunds No sales trashing.
  2. Hello guys im here again to share configs I create configs daily and share daily today im sharing udemy API with Capture excited right? Bots: 50-100 Capture All courses on the account Okay so when you get a loop on Variables computed successfully meaning the proxies are being change because its being banned! [Hidden Content]
  3. Things you will be explained and will need for this tutorial and cracking your own RDPs: * Dubrute v2.1 * nmap scanner * iSayHi's personal username list * iSayHi's personal password list. Why Dubrute? Simple, it is THE best tool to crack RDPs. Period. Why nmap scanner? Best tool to scan IP's with RDP port enabled. Why iSayHi's personal user/pass list? Gives you a greater chance to crack RDPs! [hide][Hidden Content]] Second download dubrute. [hide][Hidden Content]] NOTE: ANY POPUPS YOUR ANTIVIRUS GIVES IS FALSE-POSITIVE. RUN IN SANDBOX IF YOU DONT TRUST ME. Now click Generation STEP 1: Click on file IP and select results.txt we got from running nmap. STEP 2: Click on file login and load iSayHi's login username list STEP 3: Click on file pass and load iSayHi's pass list iSayHi's golden userList: [hide][Hidden Content]] iSayHi's golden PassList: [hide][Hidden Content]] Click "Make" and then it will generate a "source.txt" file containing all possible combinations of the login possible Next click config: And just choose where your source file is which we generated earlier. VERY IMPORTANT: SET THE NUMBER OF THREADS DEPENDING ON YOUR RAM! DONT PUT MORE AS YOUR MACHINE MAY HANG AND BECOME UNRESPONSIVE UNTIL DUBRUTE IS FINISHED. I RECOMMEND 100 THREADS PER 512 MB OF RAM. That's it your done! click OK and in main menu of Dubrute click Start and it will start cracking RDPs! After some time of running, you can get loads of RDPs and if you are lucky and experienced, one day you can crack like me Thanks....Enjoy
  4. Combo Type : User:Pass Proxy : Yes Bots: 80 Capture : Account Type, Support Hosts, Expire Date [Hidden Content]