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Found 51 results

  1. Email Combos 3-5 bots max [Hidden Content]
  2. [Hidden Content]
  3. Config Master is a very high reputation rank and is not for anyone that knows how to make a config for some bullshit site that's been cracked 500 times before. You'll need skills above the newbie level! Minimum Requirements before applying: Filling out information without using the "Analyze" button. Know how to setup POST, GET, JSON methods. Able to use variables to setup proper headers, to parse tokens in post data, to parse URL's, also the same with setting up redirect Headers/URL. Must have knowledge of sniffing mobile traffic, and setting up API configs. Must know how to use Intermediate action. And maybe a basic understanding of OCR. If you can do all of this, we look forward to your application! Oh and if you have any other special skills in hacking/software developing etc. you're also welcome to apply!
  4. 5 bots max email combos are needed [Hidden Content]
  5. Need SSL/Socks5 Proxies needed Bots : 30 Captures : Paypal and more [Hidden Content]
  6. Capture:NO Proxy:YES USE SOCKS5 or anything proxies ssl or elite this will be good! [Hidden Content]
  7. I didnt make this config but im sure as hell sharing it. It does work. [Hidden Content]
  8. Type: Food Site Proxyless: Yes but if you get IP Banned, put on Proxies. User/Email:Pass?- Email:Pass Bots: 5 Captures: No [Hidden Content]
  9. Proxy: Yes Combo Type : Email:Pass Bots: 60 [Hidden Content]
  10. Proxy: Yes : Require SSL Proxies Combo : Email:Pass|User:Pass Bots: 250 [Hidden Content]
  11. Proxy: Yes Combo Type : Email:Pass | User:Pass [Hidden Content]
  12. I need config for this site: [Hidden Content] Is has ocr at login page, thanks.