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Found 5 results

  2. CHANGING PASSWORDS ON ANY ACCOUNT IN THIS FORUM WILL RESULT IN INSTANT BAN!! Please respect your crackers and enjoy this wonderful forum. USE THE GREEN UP ARROW ICON TO LIKE A POST AND THANK YOUR CRACKERS PROPERLY! Follow me for alerts on my latest content!! Clicking the arrow to rep ur crackers does not count against ur daily posts. + REP IF YOU WANT MORE LIKE THIS! [Hidden Content]
  3. I need some help I recently bought a card and it was my first one I only spent 5 bucks on it so it wasn't that big of a deal to me that I burned it on my first try, I wanted to buy some things online like I tried to do last time but after doing my research I learned a lil bit more by I'm still confused on how to make RDS State and city specific. I am pretty sure I know how to make my IP adress state specific but all the forums I read says I need to do it city specific and that's kinda hard because most of the ips I get aren't very city specfic and what are the chances I'll find the exact city that my card is in? My main and most important question is which card should I buy to ensure everything goes smoothly even with my online purchase so should I buy a non VBV CARD or an NON AVS card.