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  2. Name: GeniuS Reputation: 968 Posts: 3,165 Honesty Level: Trustworthy User Joined: August 20th, 2015 Days Achieved Top 5: 2 times Current Rank: Moderator Warnings: 0 Followers: 27 Picture Proof of My Profile: and So why do I deserve Super Mod RANK? I am approved of cracking HQ products, I have always been loyal to Crackingleaks, I may still have a lot to learn but learning is the key to success. Yes I monitor the website while I am at other places with my phone and I also have an RDP located on my phone to where I can crack while I am not home. I can create configs and add captures, but I need some work on it. I am REALLY good with Hitman and Vertex. I mostly use Sentry MBA. I am mastered with Sentry MBA. I am familiar with programming and decrypting hashed passwords I am almost good at that need a little work though. These are the qualifying reasons. Personally why do I think I should be Super Mod? Now personally I think I should be a Super Moderator because I am loyal to crackingleaks and not one timedid I ever think about giving up, even when I felt like I wanted to. I try to stay active as possible to where Ican crack HQ products and get really good combolists/configs. Throughout my days of cracking, I always beenthinking about Crackingleaks and what I invested into it. I make sure all leechers and spammers are out thewebsite. Everyone that is on Crackingleaks staff/loyal team is always going to be on my side and I won't giveup, even if it's the last thing I had to do on earth. I have learned so much these past 2 years being on Crackingleaks. I really thank everyone that helped me out it's really a pleasure. Just, I really hope the staff accepts me on the Super Moderator side. If you want to see ALL my old work from 2015-2016: Examples of My Work: Examples of My Work on CL 2017: Pictures of my Work 2015-2016: The last one, is when my first attempt on 21roles, but I kept going and I got my results I wanted. That is all NEW Work above from 2017, most of it has been wiped from updates of my RDP. I was upset for a while but I try my hardest to show what I got now. Few of my configs I made 2016: The configs above are from last year, I really didn't have a role in making configs that much but this time I have advanced at it. I need to start finding sites to make configs for. That's just something to show if you don't remember. So what inspired me to get here?- My Word always stays the same with that :) I always thought in such a way no one else did, because my confidence level was always positive, I didn't think about my rep or my posts, I just always had the mindset that "I have a goal to accomplish" and I did now I will complete it. I always looked up to the biggest and best crackers on Crackingleaks. I learned from the best of the best. My suggestion for starter crackers is to start off with the easier things you know you can do and then go on to the better things. You'll get the process as it goes through. I would also just focus on helping out CL as a staff member and would mind my own business unless someone is harming the site or leeching. My prior inspiration is to get to the top but everyone has that goal now I have to take smaller step to work up there. What did I learn being on CL? I learned so much from Crackingleaks, I have made so many friends, people have been so nice to me, I thank everyone that always helps me and cares for me I really appreciate it. I learned to make configs, combos, and how to crack if it wasn't for CL I wouldn't even know how to crack. I move around so much in my household and I still crack thinking about my team. They support me so much and like my family always for the rest of my life. They are much older than me but that doesn't change a thing. I think of CL and staff as a family and a helping team, on that note, THANK YOU SO MUCH CL. My Goals? To finish my life over Cl and see how far I can take it without giving up, create my life on CL and become the Trophy people have been waiting for. I always think of CL. CrackingLeaks will be my family until I am in a coffin. I can't ever give up on you guys. I love everyone on CL. Thank you for inspiring me to be the best and always helping me and never giving up on me. I always will remember you guys for the rest of my life. Mostly my team and the people that always take care of me. One other goal is to elevate on CL. I want to take 1 step closer to the next generation. I want to see what happens in the future to the Crackingleaks website also see if we are going to become 1st in the cracking industry. We going to the top guys. We are a team and we cannot let it break. So yeah that's my goals.
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  8. Combo: Email:pass Proxy: Yes (Use SSL PROXIES) Bots: 50-60 bots Don't forget give me +PROPZ for more configs/