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Found 16 results

  1. 1.Name 2.Age 3.Hoobies 4.Gender 5. Location 6.And from where did u know about Cracking Leaks 1, 0Z0N3 2, 19 3, Cracking :P, computers, football(american) 4, Male 5, USA 6, I learned form a friend. Forgot his name on here. and it looks like a promising community. I sell dorks and lmk if you need some. Unlimited free for admins :P
  2. You will NOT be allowed ti have disposable emails at CrackingLeaks, if it's NOT Gmail yahoo or hotmail or other commonly used emails you will be asked to change emails, if after 24 hours you are on your disposable email, your account will be banned so far Are added to the filter, staff will be on the prowl for e-mails not allowed here If you enjoy your stay here, go legit or go home Update: Here is all list of disposable/temporary/fake emails.. If you guys has this emails please change immediately before i find. If moderators see disposable/temporary/fake email, they will ban without warning.
  3. First of all We See that Many Peoples Break rules and don't follow it like in free premium account and porn accounts specially we no take action if any one break the rules given Below No warning Just Banned Rules For Free Area On Cracking Leaks Not Share Any Thing From Free Area To Others Forums. Only Use All Thing in Free Area For Personal use. You Can Take 3 Accounts Per Day Only. Reporting All Dead Accounts Posts. Don't reply to more than 1 thread of same Accounts If first account you replied is dead then you have to report it. We are not Lechers (Leech from here to others = Banned) Don't Post Accounts Inside Of adfly Type Money Make Sites. To see hidden content you need to reply on threads.Start by introducing yourself and reply to 10 threads in the General Discussions forums.We notice that some bad & Lazy words like follows. Thanks Nice Lets seeeeeeeeeeeeeee tyty thxxxxxxxxxxxx Tyt etc........
  4. How to Build Your App for rank? For Example Name: hd-volve Likes: 1,048 Posts: 2,111 posts Joined: 11-july-14 Proof: Why Do You Think You Deserve rank: i Know How Crack By Sentry/Hitman/Others Tools (Add Proofs) i Can Get My Fresh Proxies By ProxyFire (Add Proofs) i Can Get My Combos (Add Proofs) i Share Accs in Free/Elite/VIP/CL-Special Others Example Of your work: i Shared many account here: Some Links Only For ExAdd Your Links In Code i Maked Configs BY ME + Some Proof's From Cracking By Sentry + vertexAnd Some Proofs From Others Works
  5. -=₪۩۞۩₪=- REMINDERS -=₪۩۞۩₪=- Hello guys new rules are updated today due to some other sites Leechers don't make there configs and cheaters people take our combolists and configs , so i have decided to make some changes in members rank access.We Dont Force You For Countribution But We Dont Want You To Leech Here. New registered members are allowed to post 15 posts/day ,but cannot have access in Cracking Sections for combolists and configs and etc. New registered member can access these sections. 1: CrackingLeaks Information 2: CrackingLeaks General 3: Free Accounts Zone 4: GFX Design Section New members to upgrade their ranks to be an Active Member they need to posts 250 posts and after reaching this limits they can access in Cracking Sections also. -=₪۩۞۩₪=- IMPORTANT REMINDERS -=₪۩۞۩₪=- Every members need to read all section rules if one of the member break our rules than he will be banned from cracking leaks fourm Best Regards
  6. Hello Everyone, I joined this site today. Nice to meet ya all. And Since i am new can you give me some basic tutorials links which i can follow to crack filehosts, or other pages i'll thanks you
  7. How I Could Be A Active Member? Being A Active member of CrackingLeaks is not much harder its very easy to be Active. For being a Active member you must be trial member, hanging out the forum's and posting some valuable stuff to CrackingLeaks, Free Premium Accounts. What Are The Requirements to Be Active:Registered For minimum 1 weekMust have 80 Raputation PointsMust have 100 Threads & Posts Application Guidelines:Your NameYour Reputation Points: (Likes on CrackingLeaks)Your ThreadsWhy do you think you deserve Active membership: (i.e. I am a trustworthy and dedicated member to CrackingLeaks)Example of your work: (i.e. I've posted 100 of threads) (my completed requests) (links must be included) Best Regards Warning:- What the fuck, why every one is coming for rank with out contribution, thta is CrakingLeaks not other shit forums, 1st read the rules and start Contribution, After 100 Topic apply for Active rank and provide all stuff , that is need for rank, If Any one Text any admin On Skype Or shoutbox for rank... You will be bane with out warning... ============================================================================================================== ********************************************************************************************************************************************** ==============================================================================================================
  8. This Forum is not for leechers You Should Reply Total 4 per day in accounts . Its Your Choice To Need 4 Porn Or 4 Others Or 4 Filehost accounts. Dont try to spam after today or leech other wise we will kick out you from forum we cracking account for your not for that you shits leech and post on other forum. if after today any one will found in leeching we will be kick out forum forum warning to alls. NO MERCY JUST BANNED WE DONT NEED LEECHERS ON FORUM Best Regards
  9. HI GUYS Im Doing New ANNOUNCMENT AND STAFF MUST BE FOLLOW STRICTLY Ist of all we open 5 post pr day and members do too much leaching then we reduce posting 5 to 3 and also see that members try to opening 2 or 3 accounts for spaming and leaching this Forum is not for leechers after today if any members try to make duble id or do leaching we will be banned his ip address so Dont Break Rules And Dont Do Spaming Dont Think That We Do Not Know What Are You Doing On Forum We Know Every Thing And Also Know We Know That Which Members Leech Accounts From This Site To AnOther Forum So We Crack Accounts For Your Using Not For Post On Others Fourm Dont Force Us To Do Reduce Posting 3 to 1 per day
  10. The Shoutbox Rues 1. No Spamming (It will result in permanent ban!). 2. No Advertising for any other sites!. 3. No disrespecting the staff members (It will result in a permanent ban!). 4. No Requesting! 5. No talking about bank stuff or CC. 6. Don't try to sell anything on cL!
  11. General Rules 1. Please Only Use English in Forums. 2. Please make sure to post in the correct section. 5. Please don't make multiple accounts (that will result in a ban for all of them!). 6. DO NOT LEECH From Here! (Includes everything posted here!) 7. Don't leech from other forums to here (If you didn't make it then we don't need it!) 8. cracking of banks like paypal not allowed to be posted or discussed. 9. credit cards/Bank Related/Paypal not allowed to be posted or discussed. 10. Advertising for other forums is not allowed without permission from admins. 11.Dont give spam replies .Result will getting banned. 12.If you working in other forum dont post same stuff in both forums.Else you will get banned. 13.Dont use vpn to Browse forum, if we found multiple isp's we will ban you immediately. Rules Updated 03-12-2015 By hd-volve
  12. ^^~~~ Rule To Start In Cracking Leaks ~~~^^ After registration every member necessary to post introduction into the introduction section if any member not post introduction in introduction section with in 2 days his account will be go on validating member. means account registered but don't access to do any thing. ♢ So Follow Rules ♢ Best Regards
  13. ...::: Basic Rules :::... Before You Start Posting Please Follow Below Rules If You Are New User Please Go To Introduce Section And Introduse Your Self Don " t Spam In Forum Because We Hate Spammer If You Really Want To Become Our Good Member Just Make Only 1 User Account If You Catch With Multi Accounts You Will Banned Forever Always Make Forum Clean If You Have Problem With Any Issue You Can Contact Any Admin Of Our Forum Respect Every Member We Not Come Here For Fight If You Have Complaint Any Member Who Abuse You In Our Forum You Can Also Send Pm To Admin Of Forum Thanks Hope You Follow Our Basic Rules Best Regards
  14. I could put here a bunch of rules to users made a proper introduction but is proved that users don t follow rules. Basic there is a few points that should be follow Remember all introductions are auto moderated and all must be review by the administrators before be approved to public and allow the users reply in others sections. If you are a girl and will love have access to the girls and debate about girls stuff you should say in the introduction you made that you are GIRL. If you real want the introduction be approved you should give us some basic information is not that anyone here wanna date any of you is just to make it polite. With all this say a proper introduction should have something like this; example: hi my name is BOSS i'm from USA i'm a male and i have found Cracking Leaks looking for that cracking and my hobby is be bad in the morning half bad in the afternoon and a angel sleeping Is not ask that to much right ? 1.Name 2.Age 3.Hoobies 4.Gender 5. Location 6.And from where did u know about Cracking Leaks you make it u ready to go
  16. ~~~ WELCOME TO YOU ON CRACKINGLEAKS ~~~ ======================= WellCoMe To Cracking Leaks ======================= We Are Very Happy Becuse You Join Us Thanks For Joining Cracking Leaks ------------------------ Always Follow Site Rules ------------------------=------------------ Make A Good Reputation And Get Higher Rank -------------------------------------------=------- Always Respect All's Members And Make Good Friends --------------------------------------------------- Best Regards ============ Cracking Leaks ============ Best Regards