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  1. I am always looking for new streaming media site to crack. Here is a example: Hulu.com, netflix.com, directTV, Slingtv Any reply's are welcome.
  2. Error message

    We are Currently working on the problem. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  3. Problem error on profile

    We are Currently working on the problem. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  4. Super Moderator application

    Well You had my vote, when you was active. I dont know what happend, you just stop posting. To get to the next level, you need to be active constent. This not posting, just delay's your promotion. Then it makes others have to really think, about your promotions. Like I said I dont know what happened, to you, maybe a family emergency. Its a mystery to me, Hope things are okay for you, wishing you the best.

    Application is still in review You have been doing great here, with your daily activity. You have my support, please dont disappoint.
  6. Hello, i am programmer :)

    Welcome and Good bye. We don't want members that refuse to read the rules. We don't want members that post spam
  7. HI everybody

    I am shock, you are not new here. In fact you have joined before, and been ban. You have multi accouts from same IP
  8. Hulu With Live TVbeta!!  coming soon to crackingleaks.com

  9. Hello All

    Good bye. we do ban multi accounts
  10. hello everyone

    why you join with multi accounts. Good bye
  11. Please show respect to our crackers here who work hard to provide you with Premium content. comments like thanks, zzzzz, and so on. will not be tolerated. Leave a decent comment and use the heart button to like a post . Its the best way to thank them for their hard work.

  12. Super Moderator Application

    What I would like to see is more configs, or more HQ combos. What would really help you out, is getting on the Popular Contributors list. It is not necessary for promotion, but it would help you out a lot. It just tells shows everyone how active you are. I am just trying to give some positive info, so dont get upset with me. When viewing this post, it had 38 views, which tells me, you have a little more work to do. You have good rank now, and I know, you want to go to the next level. It just might take a liittle more time.
  13. Super Moderator application-

    You have been doing a great job here, and your skills have grown. My Vote is _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  14. Cracker Master Application Form - Pho3nix

    Good things comes to those, that wait. You have been busy here. I would like to see more configs posted. But besides that, I will give you my rep for promotion.
  15. Hey CrackingLeaks Members

    Welcome the the Forum. Glad to see you here. Please read the rules [Hidden Content] And keep up the good work.
  16. Presentation

  17. Want to become a contributor

    How I Could Be A Active Member? Being A Active member of CrackingLeaks is not much harder its very easy to be Active. For being a Active member you must be trial member, hanging out the forum's and posting some valuable stuff to CrackingLeaks, Free Premium Accounts. What Are The Requirements to Be Active: Registered For minimum 1 week Must have 80 Raputation Points Must have 100 Threads & Posts Application Guidelines: Your Name Your Reputation Points: (Likes on CrackingLeaks) Your Threads Why do you think you deserve Active membership: (i.e. I am a trustworthy and dedicated member to CrackingLeaks) Example of your work: (i.e. I've posted 100 of threads) (my completed requests) (links must be included) Warning:- What the f**k, why every one is coming for rank with out contribution, thta is CrakingLeaks not other shit forums, 1st read the rules and start Contribution, After 100 Topic apply for Active rank and provide all stuff , that is need for rank, If Any one Text any admin On Skype Or shoutbox for rank... You will be bane with out warning..
  18. Thanks for your support. and so happy you found this site. Hope you found that one config, you was looking for. If not, you can always request for config. Vip gets Priority
  19. How CL changed me!

    Thanks for your support. As you know we try to bring you, the newest, and best content available.
  20. Froggie Croaks

    Thank for your support. Our team here, we strive to give you the best content.
  21. Hello Cracking World

    Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. Please read the rules to avoid problems.