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  1. Dah, Firefox
  2. The passes I have seem to no longer work from my computer. Is there a problem with them or have they changed something like to eliminate connecting from certain countries?
  3. Problem solved. Login with Roboform created the problem.
  4. It does not take me to the 2step verification . I have to sign in many times and then I finally get the 2step verification. Maybe my computer problem but hard to resolve.
  5. Is anyone else having a hard time signing in? I have to try 10 or more times before it will let me sign in.
  6. Welcome to Cracking Leaks, you will find it a fantastic community to be a part of.
  7. Hello there and let me welcome you to CrackingLeaks. Read and follow the rules and enjoy your time here and discover all this site has to offer.
  8. Good day to you, always nice to meet a fellow frog! Enjoy your stay here and remember to read and follow the rules. This is truly a fantastic site.
  9. Happy to meet you. This is a great site so enjoy your time here and obey the rules. Whoops! Did I say Great? I mean the best!