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  1. **0/2 VC'S (Please Contact if you want one and will leave a honest review) If you want to purchase with another method, please contact my discord HoodSlummy#2465 Hi, I go by Slummy. I have been cracking since 2015, I have been around in various communities through-out my experience. My shop is not to simply make me money, but provide HQ accounts to the people who choose to purchase any of my products / accounts. I have various categories. Gaming, Food, Streaming, and Giftcards / American Eagle Codes. I sell for lower then any shop I've ever seen in my whole time on cracking forums / communities. Finally, here is my shop link: [Hidden Content] If you purchase please enjoy and leave a review, if you bought. you will receive a coupon code in your pm for 25% off or 50% depending on how much you bought.
  2. Slummy's Shop! *2 Vouch Copies* Selling HQ Private Combo Lists! Email:pass, user:pass, We offer porn combos, gaming, mail access, EU/RU/USA/CHINA Region Lists, Shopping, and even Social Media! Cop up, these combolists are insane for anything you're wanting to crack! WE ALSO OFFER ACCOUNTS! [Accounts] Uplay (Including Many Games) $.40 NordVPN (1-3 Years) $.85 Spotify Premium $.10 Discord: HoodSlummy#2465 Currency's Accepted! PayPal T.O.S: 1.- The accounts such as (NordVPN, Spotify) can be cancelled at any time buy the original account owner! 2.- No Refunds! My only exception is if you have received an account that is not as described or in a working state. 3.- If You proceed to chargeback, You will be blacklisted from my Shop and a Report will be filed with PayPal. 4.- Account information is too not be changed unless told it is recommend! 5.- Hits are not guaranteed!
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