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  1. Thank you very much! As I already said once: You are indeed great warrior!
  2. Greetings to all, I am honored to be in the position as a newbie of this fantastic forum and learn further about the opportunity to collaborate with the expert group and understand better about this full-potential area. I am One seeking for enlightenment. =) P.S. You can call me Alex, a male Ph.D. student from Croatia who is in the quest for open source and free of charge scientific journals and databases quite accidentally encountered on this God gifted forum. Unfortunately, we are living in a time when science has become a costly sport, especially for junior researchers. My hobbies include playing sports (football, swimming), listening music (rock and house) and playing gently with ladies. Kind regards, Alexusson
  3. Thanks man! I appreciate your work, but someone as usual again changes the password! User name or password provided is incorrect!
  4. Thanks, bro! It works! You're sexy, and you know it! [Hidden Content] After only one day I have a problem with connection! I reinstalled the app and received the message as follows: This activation code has either expired or is incorrect. Please log in to our website to get your correct code and try again.
  5. Thanks man! [Hidden Content] Invalid email address/password combination.
  6. Thanks, man I need it for a job! There’s something unusual about this sign-in. To verify it is you, please follow the instructions we’ve sent you at: