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  1. Is it me or does anyone else who's reading this and has seen the Netflix series have a hard time watching it, since it's all spanish when they speak mostly and when you got subtitles on it's hard to keep up with what they are saying while reading? I've seen two episodes of it and I actually liked it, but I don't know if I want to read subtitles for every episode
  2. That would be nice to crack new things, I'm sure these will get patched eventually, and having new things to fall back on would be so clutch :)
  3. I don't want my money back, I just want this fixed :). @BuRn1 No one else has the problem I'm having because they didn't fail the security question so many times to where the account got locked. I answered my security question wrong and my account got locked now it tells me to contact administrators for assistance. What I'm trying to say is since I didn't answer my security question correctly it won't let me log in when I enter my login credentials it automatically tells me I failed authentication too many times that I need to contact you guys. I click the link and hit contact but don't get response from anyone. Here is screenshot of what I get: [Hidden Content] How I am responding now is by clicking forgot password and resetting my password then it lets me login but when I log back out it tells me the same error in screenshot then I have to reset password again. How do I get rid of the error? If we can't fix it could we remove this account and I create a different one and you send a different invite code?
  4. On Saturday night I purchased an invite code on Skype I had contacted both administrators @CyberCrack responded and sold me the invite code for 5 dollars after I sent the 5 dollar payment to him via PayPal. I set up my account and I wrote down my answers to my security question in case I had forgotten. That night I couldn't edit my profile so I had Cyber Crack edit the picture for me which he did. The following day I tried logging in and had to answer one of my security questions and I was typing in the answer I had written on paper and it wouldn't work I kept trying and eventually I got logged out. I contacted Cyber Crack again that night via Skype which was Sunday that my account is locked I told him I answered my security question wrong too many times and it was telling me to contact administrators for assistance which I also did twice but no response. After two days I still haven't got a response from any administrators or cyber crack and he was just active an hour ago on Skype. Did I get scammed out of my money for an invite code, because no one seems to want to unlock my account? My account is not unlocked still, I had to click forgot password and change password from my email and it temporarily lets me login but when I got to edit profile or log out and log back in tells me I failed authentication too many times again.
  5. Hello, Nico here. New to the website here but hoping to gain some more knowledge on cracking and being able to use and also provide awesome content at the same time to this large community :).
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