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  1. Someone needed a API config for a specific site you can hire me I can create API configs API = $10 per config 

  2. I can't post more HQ acc don't have internet anymore I use cafe net  and it depends if hdvolve gives me money :)

  3. To those who posts cracking tools or leeched tools please provide a virus scan we will not risk our ****** computer for a infected tool use this virus scanner online.
  4. Oh, Thanks for sharing this bro.
  5. Thank you hd volve I need to have this information.
  6. Please be more specific in Combos & Word Lists by inputting tags with userpass or emailpass then there is option there Item prefix that will show what kind of combo it is that what you picked on tags Ex. Userpass Ex. Emailpass That's all and Thank you God Bless you
  7. Hell no you can't but its possible tho if you know to crack google accounts which linked to CoC
  8. Thanks bro gonna try for debugging!
  9. Who needs a config creator for sentrymba, or a account checker programmer Contact me in Skype so that we can discuss this! I can make config API + Capture Proxyless + Capture Main url + Capture I can program Account checker Skype: live:aritopublic26
  10. Oh god I'm sick very sick

  11. For f**k sake stop asking, I'll post admins skype id if you want to purchase membership or something else CyberCrack Skype ID: live:cyber.crack007 hd volve Skype ID : saimrs <-- this person are selling dating account hit him if your interested
  12. Hello guys I'm back next week i'll post HQ Accounts :)

  13. ======================= Welcome To Cracking Leaks ======================= We Are Very Happy Because You Join Us Thanks For Joining Cracking Leaks ------------------------ Always Follow Site Rules -------------------------------------------