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    If anyone has one... pass it along... thanks!
  2. Does anyone have a working one of these? I'm a big sports fan, and this would come in handy. Thanks, -neil
  3. [Hidden Content] Give some some Likes and Upvotes because I'm a noob! [Hidden Content]
  4. Looking for any decent config to a TV streaming site such as in the title. Please help. Proxyless ones would be great! -Neil
  5. Hello. I see in some posts for a SlingTV account that an "extra" addon is called "one-stream". BuRn1 has it in some of his posts for SlingTV accounts. I'm just curious what that means. At face value, it seems like only 1 stream is allowed, but that hardly seems like an "extra". It's probably something simple that I must be missing, but can someone help me out with this? Thanks, -neil6478