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  1. Find and make lists of words that are related to gaming and BF1 or whatever.
  2. I highly suggest you download or buy an antivirus. Alongside windows defender.
  3. I use Firefox now. I was using Chrome until about 3 days ago. I've had way too much trouble with Chrome. Plus it eats away at my memory.
  4. In the past I would've said Xbox, but I gave up on that a while back. Now, I'd definitely choose PC overall.
  5. I'm curious to know. What would you guys say your #1 cracker is? What is your #1 Leecher? (If you use separate programs for cracking/leeching) I personally always like EzCrack. I used to like Sentry MBA, but I stopped doing cracking related activities, so I pretty much forgot most of what I knew.
  6. 1.Name ThaEnd 2.Age 26 3.Hoobies Gaming, Drawing, Beginner coding, music, movies, anime 4.Gender Male 5. Location East South Central 6.And from where did u know about Cracking Leaks I found Cracking Leaks on google when I was browsing around.