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  1. Ive been CL VIP once for a month now and its most likely, that i will renew it pretty soon. Accounts offered there are mostly live and theres plenty of new content added daily. In my opinion, CL VIP is definitely worth it. Greetings Owlstar
  2. PES or FIFA?

    Actually i think PES is the better Football Game. But especially Konamis weird decision to give all PC Players just something like a PES Light, let me buy Fifa. Not to mention all the missing Licenses
  3. Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10?

    I really like 10 meanwhile. Waited a while untill i used the free upgrade, but now i really appreciate it. As long MS wont be the party pooper and f**k it up with some updates in the future.
  4. DC Comic or Marvel?

    All DC got is Batman and Lobo. So Marvel
  5. Hey there. Im Patrick, 30 years, from Germany. I actually landed here as i was searching for a Premium Account (probably im not the only one ). But im glad to have noticed that this board is much more. No really special hobbies so i spare you guys the common "i like music and reading" stuff So long, cu guys