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  1. Personally, I like my FireTV for that. I was recently gonna get an Apple TV because I have an iPhone 7 and do miss the airplay feature, but the 1 reason why I kept my Fire TV was because I use Kodi and its so easy to install it from there if it ever got deleted. Aside from that, the Fire TV box I think runs with a Quad core and 2 GB of memory. Some people say the specs are also better from the Fire TV box because it can put out 4K and the Apple TV cannot so they say it has better specs than the Apple TV because of that. Though the only real reason I have the Fire TV is because the simple installation for Kodi, but I can tell you that coming from a Firestick to a Fire TV box does make a pretty big difference as I had a firestick a couple months ago. But I do recommend the Fire TV.

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