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  1. ++ from me but need to see a lot of more works
  2. Cool but not original, you used some fonts and a vector of an eagle :P
  3. Pho3nix is Back To Business, sorry guys was busy with Exams and life all these days :D

  4. Anyone wants to join Cracking Leaks or your Friends wants to join Cracking Leaks? Then contact me on Skype at nawmeo@gmail.com  I will invite them :) 

    1. LIMBO


      You're such a sweetheart! Thanks buddy.

  5. Site Name: Wordpress.com Creator: Pho3nix Capture : Nope Combo: Email:Pass [Hidden Content]
  6. Awesome cracker, I agree he is not in the popular contributors list but he is very hardworking and I think he really deserves a promotion. You are a really good cracker bro, and is very friendly :D keep up the good work :D
  7. Yaaahooo, my todays goal is finally done, Posted 70 threads, thought it would be impossible for me but lol it was kinda easy :party_30:

  8. Will try to post 70 threads today :D <3

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    2. Pho3nix


      @LIMBO Thanks man, not sure I can do it though :P 

    3. LIMBO


      if you believe it, you can do it! at least this is what my grandma used to say lol 

    4. Pho3nix


      ha ha I guess she's right, will try to complete my todays goal :D

  9. I vote for you bro, you deserved it 100000000000%
  10. Great post bro, I totally agree with you with the chatbox rule, a user shouldn't be allowed to write anything on chatbox until and unless they have 10-15 posts
  11. go skype >3

    1. Pho3nix


      Ha ha lol okay :P

  12. Kinda sick, don't feel like cracking today. So probably won't post any accounts today. Sorry In Advance :)

    1. jamesqad


      np bro go relax and leave anything

    2. CyberCrack


      get well soon dear friend 

    3. Pho3nix


      @CyberCrack thanks a lot bro :D

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