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  1. Apple Tv has the best experience out of all the devices I use. If you have a jailbroken iphone you can also bypass the airplay block to enable streaming content from directv app, or any app for that matter to your tv. PC to tv is best if you wanna remain completely anonymous by not having to activate a device. Apple TV is still usable with any streaming app except for a regular directv account but you can still use the credentials and download individual channel apps and sign in. The Apple TV is best with sling and directvnow. And a jailbroken iphone is best for every app possible for reasons I stated earlier. Also, remember to make accounts last longer, cover up your tracks. When it comes to directv accounts login on a computer, go to account settings and turn private browsing on. For netflix and hulu, it is best to log on, watch exactly one movie or show and then immediately delete the one movie or show from the watch history before you choose something else. Also, I try to get all of my accounts from the CL Special paid members section since it is the highest paid tier and has less people on them. What I do is only reply to an account that no one else has replied to. People are usually courteous enough to not reply on an account someone else already has. I don't know if I'm missing anything. Computer for anonymity, apple tv for sling and directv now, jailbroken iphone for any app, cover up your tracks for a longer account life no matter what device or app you use. Hope this helps.
  2. I just got done with my first month as a paid member and in my opinion it is worth every penny. Sure you can find plenty of cracked accounts in the free forums, but there in lies the problem. They are free which means everyone can access them. You might think "Hey, that's no big deal!" But let me tell you, when your using the same cracked account several other users have access to, you run into problems. Take cracked streaming accounts for example. If you went on a paid forum, people have the courtesy to only respond to and comp cracked accounts no one else has replied to. What that means is that you will never run into problems streaming from that cracked account as long as you know what your doing, such as turning on private browsing. Try the same thing on a free account, the problems I have is either people don't know how to stream and cover up their tracks which as a result alerts the original owner of the account to change the password, another problem, someone who replies gets greedy and takes it upon themselves to change the password, biggest problem with free accounts is, too many people trying to stream off of the same account which ends up causing it not to work, or making the owner of the account become aware that his sh*t got cracked. Long story short, become a paid member. Not one of the paid accounts I have had has gone dead. People are more courteous and usually don't reply to accounts that already have a reply. This means they either last forever or at least have a waaaay longer life than any free account. As a bonus if you want to learn how to crack, becoming a paid member is your ticket. It is full of tutorials, tools, resources, everything you could possibly need to start cracking your own accounts and hopefully contributing back to this website. This is danny k and that's my experience I wanted to share for anyone thinking of becoming a paid member.
  3. I always wondered what this was. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Whats up guys, my name is Dk, aka Danny K, aka dan k, aka thizzy d. I'm new and I want to contribute but don't have the skills yet so instead I will contribute money by becoming a paid member. I hope to learn a lot from the tutorials here to contribute to this awesome website. Wish I had read the rules first but oh well, I can't change the past, I can only move forward with a positive attitude.
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