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  1. Apart from a PC (which is the best), I'd like to know what device you guys use to stream the live TV apps, with the logins that are provided here...... I'm using a firestick at the minute and find it quite capable as it plays most of the major apps, Directv, Directv Now, Xfinity, TWC, Sling, Dish, NBCSN etc..But it does have its drawbacks with its limited memory and 1GB RAM.......Just wondering what device everyone else is using and their pros/cons.
  2. Firstly, I want to thank you guys for providing a top quality site. The sites that you's can crack are not found elsewhere on the net, so I'm grateful for that and also your contributors are consistent which make this site so good. So thank you very very much for that. If I was looking for improvements on the site, the only suggestions that I would make are... That contributors try and fulfill the requests made in the Vip section. After all if members get what accounts there after, there more likely to keep there subscriptions up. Also, I think that too many logins are posted in the free section (members can quite easily get all the accounts they need without paying).. If more where posted in the special/vip section, and you allowed members to view this section (without been able to reply). I think you would be able to remove a lot of leechers on this site and also get a lot more Vip accounts as they could see what there getting before they pay. Anyway these are just my thoughts. Keep up the good work. Many many thanks to all you guys.
  3. I have been a member of CL special/vip for a while now, and I must say I'm very impressed. I'm in a few groups but this is the only forum I have paid to get special access to, for the simple reason that the guys on this forum are able to crack sites and share accounts that you never see elsewhere. It's been money well spent. There are fresh postings everyday (most of them are never replied to) and any accounts that are posted are superior to to the ones in the free section. If like myself you use these logins a lot it really is a no brainer to take a special/vip account. I've already recouped what I paid many times over. I now have a VPN with over a year subscription ($100) a directv now account ($80 per month) among many many others. If you use these logins and want to save yourself a lot of $$$ I can't recommend it enough.
  4. Hi everyone. I've recently joined, but already like what I see. A lot rare accounts being posted, that you simply never see posted..... A very good site indeed!! I'm looking forward to learning and sharing with you guys.

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