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  1. @Guttural_Slug I don't make account requests too often but when I do they've always been filled in a quick manner. I will say however that the CL Special section isn't updated nearly as much as VIP. The point I was trying to make in asking for a "request" tab for the CL Special section is that we pay twice as much for our membership as VIP does. We pay twice as much for content not available to VIP or free members. Yet if we make a request for an account, we have to make it in the VIP section and then the requested account is posted in the VIP section.
  2. Please add an option for requests in the CL Special section. I pay extra for CL Special membership yet I have to make my request in the VIP section where members who pay less for their membership benefit from my requests.
  3. I've been a CL Special member for a few months and am more than happy with the content. The accounts posted are always live with a good selection to choose from. The site Admins are also quick to answer questions as well as provide special requests. I'd definitely recommend membership to anyone considering it.
  4. Filtering suggestion

    Is there a way the forum content could be filtered? For example, have the ability to filter the Premium Pass section to show only streaming accounts or show only security accounts? It would make it easier when looking for streamable accounts versus looking for VPN accounts or something similar.
  5. Question about cookies

    Hello, i used BuRn1's tip for saving a Netflix premium account, works great, thanks! I've used the same method using Google Chrome browser with EditThisCookie to save cookies for DirecTV, Cinemax Go and WWE on my PC but am wondering why the method won't work on all sites like NBA, UFC, HBO, etc. is it just a case of not all sites are set up to accept a saved cookie? Doesn't seem logical because I can close a site like HBO, reboot my PC, launch Google browser and I'll still be logged in. Seems like I should be able to log out of HBO and use EditThisCookie to import the cookie I had exported while logged in. Just curious, thanks for any insight you can offer.
  6. A suggestion

    I thought there might be a way to disable the post count when communicating with an Admin through private messege but I can see your point that even THAT would be abused by leeches. Keep up the great work!
  7. A suggestion

    Firstly, thank you guys for making this website available. The cost of CL Special is well worth it in my opinion. A suggestion I'd like to offer would be to not count private message exchanges between Admins and members against their daily post limits. When I was being helped by the site owner a couple days with purchasing CL Special I lost the ability to reply back to him that I had submitted payment because of the daily post count limit. Was frustrating but was eventually able to alert him through the Chat feature where he upgraded my account immediately. Other than that I have absolutely no complaints and hope you guys keep up the great work!
  8. Hello!

    Hello everyone .. thanks for letting me join your community!