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  1. i love this site with all my heart will never leave 

    1. Matr3x


      we love too brother

  2. i am back bro how you all doing 

    1. PlaySaga


      Sir, Kindly check your skype still waiting

    2. XmnsX
    3. XmnsX


      Nice to have u back sir!

  3. Hello

    welcome to the family and hope you enjoy your stay
  4. fully i am back in 2 days

  5. < i am back  

    1. Soul_Cracker™


      good to see ya bro


  6. back to  posting soon 

  7. again these assholes not behaving changing vpn passwords as you post them  imbecile when will you learn owner will just changed back then you come here and do same again f**k you assholes" good members  i am not referring to you guys  

    1. Original Claus

      Original Claus

      I dont know whats wrong with them soooo stupid, selfish bastards

  8. do not use your staff power/ Member Rank  to leech my special accounts and sold them" please crack your own accounts  if you want to resell thank you"  i have seen many accounts died on this site VIP/CL things that never used to happened before. Stop it" thank you"

  9. soon be back guys just dealing with a family emergency" 

  10. request is done for the day buy CL special or VIP if need accounts that pass don't changed. thank you 

  11. Hello fans/ member's : cracking becoming very boring these days seeing same shit posted everyday  doing the same shit everyday is absolutely boring "  have a request PM me"