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  1. vaders.tv

    Absolutely amazing stuff, brother Debit! See how this one will work for! These Vader accounts are more popular than the pope, it seems! (-: Thanks, bro!
  2. I used to have that same account. It was posted here by brother Take96, about 4 or 5 weeks ago. Does not work anymore. Thanks, though!
  3. Will check this out. Thanks for your contribution, brother! Edit: this is a re-post. Account has been posted before by someone else.
  4. Thank you very much, brother marianlazar! I appreciate your work, bro! Edit: Not working, bro.... )-:
  5. Thank you, thank you! Hope its stillworking...
  6. Thank you very much, brother marian. I appreciate your consistent contributions of music apps!
  7. What is this exactly, brother Take96? Edit: access denied on that url, brother....
  8. Superstuff as usual! Thank you, brother Take96!