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  1. Name: ZachyPoo Reputation: 57 Posts: 157 Honesty Level: I speak the Truth on All members So They know i will tell them if there a cunt or not! Joined: January 4, 2016 Days Achieved Top 5: I could only wish Current Rank: CL Special Warnings: A ton Followers: 3 Randys And all staff cause im god So why do I deserve Troll God RANK? Pretty much i do non stop trolling for some reason not sure why but Ikea has a great deal right now for toasters and bathtubs! Personally why do I think I should be Troll God? Now personally I think I should be a Admin but i tried buying it a few time they wont take my pesos So i can settle with troll god. Plus i crack tons of everything but to lazy to post it so i usually give it away. Plus when i got extra pesos and someone needs it i give it to them.
  2. Will be gone for a while not feeling great today....

    1. נεяεмιαн2013


      sup great friend 

  3. hi i need the beta code for the data scraper

  4. What is the best VPN for you??

    I use 143vpn because of its ddos protection and portforwarding.
  5. This site needs a rebranding in my opinion. Something that shows the elegance of cracking and how great this site is. Another Thing is the "We Are Professional" like really that screams kill me now! it should say something like "Crackingleaks" then line 2 "Where HQ Means Something". and the background of the site i can see yeah our cracking is out of this world but its too stale if u ask me. like i said in the beginning it needs a new rebranding. Well that's my two cents hopefully something i mentioned gets changed!
  6. I am now starting with year 2 of cl special and in my last year here, i have seen members stay and go but the HQ has never left. And i will always appreciate a community where i can have the support of the staff and the rest of its members. So this year i hope to see this forum thrive as i know it can be number one place where people can meet and crack at the same damn time!
  7. Hey man when you gonna send that weed you promised b?

    1. Zach_Farlow


      i need that good good now