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  1. Name: ZachyPoo Reputation: 57 Posts: 157 Honesty Level: I speak the Truth on All members So They know i will tell them if there a cunt or not! Joined: January 4, 2016 Days Achieved Top 5: I could only wish Current Rank: CL Special Warnings: A ton Followers: 3 Randys And all staff cause im god So why do I deserve Troll God RANK? Pretty much i do non stop trolling for some reason not sure why but Ikea has a great deal right now for toasters and bathtubs! Personally why do I think I should be Troll God? Now personally I think I should be a Admin but i tried buying it a few time they wont take my pesos So i can settle with troll god. Plus i crack tons of everything but to lazy to post it so i usually give it away. Plus when i got extra pesos and someone needs it i give it to them.
  2. V5 is Out Now! HMU for the updated copy! Only works with 64 Bit Machines At this time! Now in Color! (Green = Good, Red = Error, Yellow = Debug, Magenta = Filtered) Added Empty Account file threshold Added "Clean" mode, wont show 'Bad' accounts only Good and Filtered Added "Help" menu, Lists program arguments with information Changed proxy.txt and combo.txt files to "combos.txt" and "proxys.txt" Proxys and Combos text files will be generated if not found Exit Signal (Ctrl+C will now close the program safely) Miner Fixes (grammour, wording, counting errors, ect...) "Proxyless" mode (Can run without proxys, slow.) Filtered Accounts can be saved to "Filtered.txt" for later scanning or using. Accounts now saved as "Account #.txt", "Pro Account #.txt" and "Filtered Account #.txt" [TOOL WORKS AS OF: AUG 2017] MegaCrack - $25 ==> $20 [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE WITH PAYPAL] MegaCrack - $20 ==> $15 [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE WITH BITCOIN] FIND BTC WALLETS. ETH WALLETS... KEYS FOR STEAM, ANTIVIRUS, WINDOWS... A LOT OF VALUABLE THINGS. WHATS FILTER THRESHOLD? Per example you put 3 there. It means if an account has 3 archives goes to the folder Accounts If it has less goes to filtered.txt Recommended settings Vouches: More vouches below Questions: Contact me if you have any questions that you want to ask me... Skype: zach_farlowhf DISCORD GROUP: [Hidden Content] Contact Sickness or ZachFarlow Terms Of Service You Cant Leak This Product You Cant Sell This Product You Cant Chargeback There Is No Refunds No sales trashing.
  3. Will be gone for a while not feeling great today....

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  5. hi i need the beta code for the data scraper

  6. I use 143vpn because of its ddos protection and portforwarding.
  7. The best porn config out there try it out! [Hidden Content]
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