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    Login: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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    She is only 19. Her Instagram: Pls Like Button. Pls Like Button. Pls Like Button. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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    Pls Like Button. Pls Like Button. Pls Like Button. [Hidden Content]
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    Well, for the sake of all noobs, we all had our days where didn't know if the config was not working with all those retries and fakes so I'm here to explain things a little better. Let me start things off with what Fakes, ToChecks and Redirects are. Fakes If the config is made correctly, you shouldn't have to worry about this tab. What it does is: Checks to see if the proxy you are using is coming back with a result that doesn't pertain to the expected source/header. If this is the case, it simply marks this Proxy as banned and doesn't use it for the rest of the cracking session. Kinda like those tits you see in porn, once that chick gets old, those tits are worthless and aren't used again for anything other then nostalgic happy tugs. ToChecks This is where all the combos that were used go when there isn't any source at all that has been found that can be matched with a current keyword placed in the keywords tab. If this gets to high, the config maker did something wrong. Tell em'. Redirects In a nutshell, if it finds a source/header that has been expected but then experiences a trailing "redirect" of a url due to the nature of the target, Sentry will tell you "hey boi we goin down brooklyn but your girl tanisha is tryin' to holla at ya, so therefo you gotta redirect yourself there while getting da skank weed." Now that those 3 things are covered, we can start checking configs. All the checking happens the HTTP Debugger provided in Sentry MBA Think of it like the Mini Me . It's main purpose is to replicate what goes on when Sentry is really cracking in an isolated environment so that you can pinpoint the main causes of a problem. When clicking , you can then see a scrolling debug log of what's getting connected and what isn't. Don't worry if it looks scary, your aim is the bottom of the log (It's in black[nigger], it's not hard to miss). Be sure to have: "Debug Snapshot" checked off AND remember to fill in the Username and Password fields in the settings tab with a dummy working account. So, what you're looking for is "Found Key". Some examples of this result are: For an invalid account ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------<-----Bot Status: Failure Source Keyword Match -> Found Key [does not match an account in our records] - Source Length: 11228----->----------------------------------------------------------------------------------> or For a valid account ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------<-----Bot Status: After Form Redirect -> Success Source Keyword Match -> Found Key [[Hidden Content]] - Source Length: 104264----->----------------------------------------------------------------------------------> But when something goes missing in terms of the config itself, you're usually end up with: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------<-----Bot Status: After Fingerprint -> Error - Got 200 and no source failure keys found with wrong combo - Original Source Length: 11228 -> User IP banned----->----------------------------------------------------------------------------------> There are many types of errors but the main one is that one and 4xx such along the lines of "....Login Stage....", "...Parsing..." and so on. If you're not getting anything that says "Keyword Match", there's a problem with the config. Overall, if you're not getting the result you're expecting, notify the config maker with the error you're getting in HTTP Debugger.