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    General Rules 1. Please Only Use English in Forums. 2. Please make sure to post in the correct section. 5. Please don't make multiple accounts (that will result in a ban for all of them!). 6. DO NOT LEECH From Here! (Includes everything posted here!) 7. Don't leech from other forums to here (If you didn't make it then we don't need it!) 8. cracking of banks like paypal not allowed to be posted or discussed. 9. credit cards/Bank Related/Paypal not allowed to be posted or discussed. 10. Advertising for other forums is not allowed without permission from admins. 11.Dont give spam replies .Result will getting banned. 12.If you working in other forum dont post same stuff in both forums.Else you will get banned. 13.Dont use vpn to Browse forum, if we found multiple isp's we will ban you immediately. Rules Updated 03-12-2015 By hd-volve
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    Hello All, After all we have decide to inform you all about Ethics of CrackingLeaks, We have set a Daily Reply/Post Limits For Some Ranks On Forum : Loyal : Unlimited Cracker Master : Unlimited CL Special : 15 ---> (Because of leeching/spamming) CL VIP : 12 ---> (Because of leeching/spamming) Active : 50 Trail : 35 [You are not allowed to take any config or combo from CrackingLeaks, Just Show Your Skills] Coder : 20 Member : 5 ---> (Because of leeching/spamming) Here are the Rules Which You Must Follow : You can take Only 3 Configs Per Day From All Sections (24 Hours) [If Config Not Working Post Proof & Report It] You Can Take Only 3 Combos Per Day From All Sections (24 Hours) [If Any Download Link Not Working Report Post] Specially You Can Take Only 3 Accounts Per Day From 1 Section (24 Hours) [If account Dead, Report It , Do Not Submit Fake Reports,] Do Not Reply Same Type Accounts More Than 2 (Example: Do Not Reply More Than 2 Netflix Accounts) Do Not Share Configs/Combos/Accounts/Other Stuffs to Other Forums, We will ban you without no warning with Proofs. Special Note: If any member who reach 60 Posts on Forum Without Contribution, We gave him warning & will be banned when he/she reach 80 posts. We do not allow Ad Based URL Shorten Site Links ( Adf.ly , Linkbucks.com etc) We do not allow Reply Like Thxxxxxx, tks, thhhhhh , You will be banned (Crackers spend their time, money to give you accounts, please show them some respect by Clicking Like and A Good Reply) No Duplicate Accounts , Will be banned both accounts. Add A Clean & Good Profile Picture. Follow Rules Best Regards, CrackingLeaks Staff
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    CrackingLeaks CL Special / CL VIP Memberships prices listed out Ramadhan Offers Donations TO CrackingLeaks to be Up Always. Dear members, We all know your Expectations and your satisfaction. We are ready to fulfill your needs. We are ready to help you at any cost. We are the one to reach high to your expectations. Won't you donate us to keep always up the forum and don't want the downtime to your enjoyment fulfillment ? You are welcomed to donate for your own privacy for the sections we built up in such a way that the particular section i.e., CL SPECIAL and CL VIP will be privileged only for these two Members. No Leech Accounts. Full throttle to engage upon in these sections. You can enjoy the private discussions, so that the normal members wont interrupt you on your private things. Wasn't that great for your privacy ? We will be pleased for your donations happening towards us. If you want to BUY CL SPECIAL /CL VIP membership, Please refer to the below pricing details and the benefits we provide you for your enjoyment: Anyone want to buy Special/VIP membership feel free to Contact US: / Skype: saimrs (http://prntscr.com/f22nqs) OR live:cyber.crack007 CL VIP Membership Donate 10$ : 1 Month validity Donate 15$ : 2 Months validity Donate 20$ : 3 Months validity Donate 40$ : 6 Months validity Donate 75$ : 12 Months validity CL Special Membership Donate 15$ : 1 Month validity Donate 30$ : 2 Months validity Donate 40$ : 3 Months validity Donate 65$ : 6 Months validity Donate 100$ : 12 Months validity We accept payments from: PayPal (Only For Trusted Members) BitCoin WebMoney NOTE: The above prices are excluding Paypal tax Following are the features you'll get when you donate: CL VIP and CL Special Features: CL VIP Member's Forum. CL VIP members will access VIP Area, Cracking Zone, Exploiting Zone, where you can find lots of free Premium Accounts and exclusive tutorials. You can have your own private chat with complete privacy from the normal members. CL Special Member's Forum. You get instant access to VIP Zone, CL Special, Cracking Zone, Exploiting Zone, where you can find lots of free Premium Accounts and exclusive tutorials. You can have your own private chat with complete privacy from the normal members. NOTE: If any of the Private stuffs are been leaked and if we find you, your account will be permanently banned and there will be no refund of your money ( We strictly adhere to this ). -----~~~------- ALWAYS HAVE A LOOK IN THIS SECTION. PRICES MAY GO DOWN OR BE AMENDED AT ANY TIME -----~~~-------
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    A part of important rules to keep your account on CrackingLeaks. If you reached 50 posts and you don't have any topics will get a warning points, after 125 posts will get permanently banned. Simply you can buy CL VIP or CL Special membership. By this way you will take what you need and will support our forum as well. Not allowed to ask other members to give you stuff from private sections. Ex: If you a VIP member you are not allowed to ask staff members to give you anything from staff sections. Follow the Rules Or get Kicked From Forum
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    -=₪۩۞۩₪=- REMINDERS -=₪۩۞۩₪=- Hello guys new rules are updated today due to some other sites Leechers don't make there configs and cheaters people take our combolists and configs , so i have decided to make some changes in members rank access.We Dont Force You For Countribution But We Dont Want You To Leech Here. New registered members are allowed to post 15 posts/day ,but cannot have access in Cracking Sections for combolists and configs and etc. New registered member can access these sections. 1: CrackingLeaks Information 2: CrackingLeaks General 3: Free Accounts Zone 4: GFX Design Section New members to upgrade their ranks to be an Active Member they need to posts 250 posts and after reaching this limits they can access in Cracking Sections also. -=₪۩۞۩₪=- IMPORTANT REMINDERS -=₪۩۞۩₪=- Every members need to read all section rules if one of the member break our rules than he will be banned from cracking leaks fourm Best Regards
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    virusscan.jotti.org:- http://virusscan.jotti.org/en/scanresult/dfca4ff4672da83f476ab2d2b017856c12182d86/fbf8bd37484582da7a94ecd05b482c89ae43defe virustotal.com:- https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/273656004e557b0991885d4cff58507c590c3d6f5ed24e315add22453e6cf4ab/analysis/1431836813/ DownLoad Link:-
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    +REP for More Combos! +REP to SUPPORT me :) +Rep Please <3
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    First of all We See that Many Peoples Break rules and don't follow it like in free premium account and porn accounts specially we no take action if any one break the rules given Below No warning Just Banned Rules For Free Area On Cracking Leaks Not Share Any Thing From Free Area To Others Forums. Only Use All Thing in Free Area For Personal use. You Can Take 3 Accounts Per Day Only. Reporting All Dead Accounts Posts. Don't reply to more than 1 thread of same Accounts If first account you replied is dead then you have to report it. We are not Lechers (Leech from here to others = Banned) Don't Post Accounts Inside Of adfly Type Money Make Sites. To see hidden content you need to reply on threads.Start by introducing yourself and reply to 10 threads in the General Discussions forums.We notice that some bad & Lazy words like follows. Thanks Nice Lets seeeeeeeeeeeeeee tyty thxxxxxxxxxxxx Tyt etc........
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    I could put here a bunch of rules to users made a proper introduction but is proved that users don t follow rules. Basic there is a few points that should be follow Remember all introductions are auto moderated and all must be review by the administrators before be approved to public and allow the users reply in others sections. If you are a girl and will love have access to the girls and debate about girls stuff you should say in the introduction you made that you are GIRL. If you real want the introduction be approved you should give us some basic information is not that anyone here wanna date any of you is just to make it polite. With all this say a proper introduction should have something like this; example: hi my name is BOSS i'm from USA i'm a male and i have found Cracking Leaks looking for that cracking and my hobby is be bad in the morning half bad in the afternoon and a angel sleeping Is not ask that to much right ? 1.Name 2.Age 3.Hoobies 4.Gender 5. Location 6.And from where did u know about Cracking Leaks you make it u ready to go
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    ~~~ WELCOME TO YOU ON CRACKINGLEAKS ~~~ ======================= WellCoMe To Cracking Leaks ======================= We Are Very Happy Becuse You Join Us Thanks For Joining Cracking Leaks ------------------------ Always Follow Site Rules ------------------------=------------------ Make A Good Reputation And Get Higher Rank -------------------------------------------=------- Always Respect All's Members And Make Good Friends --------------------------------------------------- Best Regards ============ Cracking Leaks ============ Best Regards
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    ^^~~~ Rule To Start In Cracking Leaks ~~~^^ After registration every member necessary to post introduction into the introduction section if any member not post introduction in introduction section with in 2 days his account will be go on validating member. means account registered but don't access to do any thing. ♢ So Follow Rules ♢ Best Regards
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    Combo User:Pass Proxyless 5 Bot
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    virusscan.jotti.org:- http://virusscan.jotti.org/en/scanresult/2d8caa36be2f6ceb785205e8dee00dba089fe526/68c3f5656c3e07b060de60841a5079efd00f71f3 virustotal.com:- https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/253563d3c36c191b600674d79c6fe57bbb8e1d737b986f287e1f687942e9a482/analysis/1431838848/ Download Link:-
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    Give Like CrackingLeaks ----> SAJAD
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    virusscan.jotti.org:- http://virusscan.jotti.org/en/scanresult/dbd2b7c616d597291ee189792183c45408e4a818 virustotal.com:- https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/6cb7e38e027ad64f0651bc53f27ec7ec998dd3547490932cde500b1be6efe021/analysis/1431839926/ Download Link:-
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    If you appreciate my post press green button!!!
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    This Forum is not for leechers You Should Reply Total 4 per day in accounts . Its Your Choice To Need 4 Porn Or 4 Others Or 4 Filehost accounts. Dont try to spam after today or leech other wise we will kick out you from forum we cracking account for your not for that you shits leech and post on other forum. if after today any one will found in leeching we will be kick out forum forum warning to alls. NO MERCY JUST BANNED WE DONT NEED LEECHERS ON FORUM Best Regards
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    How to Make Proxyless + Capture Sentry MBA Config ~Trinity
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    BASIC RULES Before proceeding to post please be sure you have read and understand these rules!! If you are a new user please go to members Introduction and tell us about you https://crackingleaks.com/forum/6-members-introduction/ Do not spam the forum or it will lead to punishment or ban depending on the severity of the offense. Use Only Yahoo.com, Gmail.com, Hotmail.com Emails for stay here. fake/temporary emails not allowed Users are only allowed to reply to one of the same type thread per 24 hours. If you find an account is dead Please report it using report post located at the top of the thread , then edit your post to state not working . only then may you move on to try another of the same account type, this helps keep the forum clean. Only one user account per user, If we see you are using multiple accounts you will be banned without question!! Please show respect to our crackers here who work hard to provide you with Premium content. comments like thanks, zzzzz, and so on will not be tolerated. Leave a decent comment and use the UP ARROW button to like a post . Its the best way to thank them for their hard work. If we catch you involved in changing account passwords auto ban!! The same if we catch you trying to gain rank by cheating . We work hard for our Rep here and expect you to do the same!! If you have any problem please contact one of the Admins of our forum and they will see it is addressed in a timely manner. Last but not least we want you all to enjoy this wonderful community and if you follow these basic rules I'm sure your stay here will be a pleasant one!! Thank you for taking the time to read this and letting us know your aware and in compliance. Ok enough said, Enjoy CL and follow the rules friends :)
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    What Are The Requirements to Be Active: Registered For minimum 3 week Must have 250 Reputation Points Must have 350 Threads & Posts Basic Knowledge about Sentry Mba, Vertex, Account Hitman Basic Knowledge about SQLI Dumper & Proxyfire What Are The Requirements to Be Cracker Master: Registered For minimum 5 week Must have 300 Reputation Points Must have 500 Threads & Posts Basic Knowledge about Sentry Mba, Vertex, Account Hitman Basic Knowledge about SQLI Dumper & Proxyfire Basic Knowledge about how to make basic config in Sentry MBA What Are The Requirements to Be Loyal: Registered For minimum 10 week Must have 500 Reputation Points Must have 750 Threads & Posts Basic Knowledge about Sentry Mba, Vertex, Account Hitman Basic Knowledge about SQLI Dumper & Proxyfire Basic Knowledge about how to make basic & API config in Sentry MBA
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    Well, for the sake of all noobs, we all had our days where didn't know if the config was not working with all those retries and fakes so I'm here to explain things a little better. Let me start things off with what Fakes, ToChecks and Redirects are. Fakes If the config is made correctly, you shouldn't have to worry about this tab. What it does is: Checks to see if the proxy you are using is coming back with a result that doesn't pertain to the expected source/header. If this is the case, it simply marks this Proxy as banned and doesn't use it for the rest of the cracking session. Kinda like those tits you see in porn, once that chick gets old, those tits are worthless and aren't used again for anything other then nostalgic happy tugs. ToChecks This is where all the combos that were used go when there isn't any source at all that has been found that can be matched with a current keyword placed in the keywords tab. If this gets to high, the config maker did something wrong. Tell em'. Redirects In a nutshell, if it finds a source/header that has been expected but then experiences a trailing "redirect" of a url due to the nature of the target, Sentry will tell you "hey boi we goin down brooklyn but your girl tanisha is tryin' to holla at ya, so therefo you gotta redirect yourself there while getting da skank weed." Now that those 3 things are covered, we can start checking configs. All the checking happens the HTTP Debugger provided in Sentry MBA Think of it like the Mini Me . It's main purpose is to replicate what goes on when Sentry is really cracking in an isolated environment so that you can pinpoint the main causes of a problem. When clicking , you can then see a scrolling debug log of what's getting connected and what isn't. Don't worry if it looks scary, your aim is the bottom of the log (It's in black[nigger], it's not hard to miss). Be sure to have: "Debug Snapshot" checked off AND remember to fill in the Username and Password fields in the settings tab with a dummy working account. So, what you're looking for is "Found Key". Some examples of this result are: For an invalid account ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------<-----Bot Status: Failure Source Keyword Match -> Found Key [does not match an account in our records] - Source Length: 11228----->----------------------------------------------------------------------------------> or For a valid account ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------<-----Bot Status: After Form Redirect -> Success Source Keyword Match -> Found Key [https://movies.netflix.com/CancelPlan] - Source Length: 104264----->----------------------------------------------------------------------------------> But when something goes missing in terms of the config itself, you're usually end up with: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------<-----Bot Status: After Fingerprint -> Error - Got 200 and no source failure keys found with wrong combo - Original Source Length: 11228 -> User IP banned----->----------------------------------------------------------------------------------> There are many types of errors but the main one is that one and 4xx such along the lines of "....Login Stage....", "...Parsing..." and so on. If you're not getting anything that says "Keyword Match", there's a problem with the config. Overall, if you're not getting the result you're expecting, notify the config maker with the error you're getting in HTTP Debugger.
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    Hit the [ ↑ ] button if you want more or you liked my thread/post! Expired hits goes to users/combos Hit the [ ↑ ] button if you want more or you liked my thread/post!
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    |Basic Rules| Before You Start Posting Please Follow Below Rules If You Are New User Please Go To Introduction Section And Post Your Introduction Try Not To Spam In Forum Because We Hate Spammer And We Direct Banned Them If You Are A Man Of Words Just Make Only 1 User Account If You Catch With Multi Accounts You Will Be Banned Forever Users Should Reply Only To One Account. If In Case You Found The Account To Be Dead Or Not Working Then You Can Go To The Another Same Account Post, Not By Leaving It Dead. Instead You Have To Report The Topic That The Account Doesn't Work Or The Account Is Dead, Try To Always Make Forum Clean To Report Click this button on the Post If You Have Any Problem You Can Contact Any Admin Of Our Forum Respect Every Member Of CrackingLeaks We All Are Like Family If You Have Complaint Any Member Who Abuse You In Our Forum You Can Also Send Pm To Admin Of Forum
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    HI Dear All Staff I Observed That Many Members Reply With Thks Thk HI Good Like This Kind Of Reply After Today If Any Members Do Not Proper Relpy Hi Account Will Be Suspended . Like Thanks Bro Nice SHARE and Also Press On Like Button So Becare Full Follow Rules
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    Give Like i'll post a load of combos CrackingLeaks ----> SAJAD
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    ...::: Basic Rules :::... Before You Start Posting Please Follow Below Rules If You Are New User Please Go To Introduce Section And Introduse Your Self Don " t Spam In Forum Because We Hate Spammer If You Really Want To Become Our Good Member Just Make Only 1 User Account If You Catch With Multi Accounts You Will Banned Forever Always Make Forum Clean If You Have Problem With Any Issue You Can Contact Any Admin Of Our Forum Respect Every Member We Not Come Here For Fight If You Have Complaint Any Member Who Abuse You In Our Forum You Can Also Send Pm To Admin Of Forum Thanks Hope You Follow Our Basic Rules Best Regards