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    you assholes especially those porn leechers have some respect for your crackers
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    IF any member will break the rules we will kick him from the crackingleaks...
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    Good cracker, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
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    again these assholes not behaving changing vpn passwords as you post them imbecile when will you learn owner will just changed back then you come here and do same again f**k you assholes" good members i am not referring to you guys
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    do not use your staff power/ Member Rank to leech my special accounts and sold them" please crack your own accounts if you want to resell thank you" i have seen many accounts died on this site VIP/CL things that never used to happened before. Stop it" thank you"
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    request is done for the day buy CL special or VIP if need accounts that pass don't changed. thank you
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    Hello fans/ member's : cracking becoming very boring these days seeing same shit posted everyday doing the same shit everyday is absolutely boring " have a request PM me"
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    internet down for 18hrs now will be back later. guyz have an awesome day brothers.
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    hey brother i reached the posting limit, they wont let me reply