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    been noticing you leechers doesn't rep or show respect to cracker's anymore soon free area will be empty of fresh stuff"
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    Please show respect to our crackers here who work hard to provide you with Premium content. comments like thanks, zzzzz, and so on. will not be tolerated. Leave a decent comment and use the heart button to like a post . Its the best way to thank them for their hard work.
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    Only Elite Crackers & Contributor & CL Special/CL VIP Can Access The Site
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    well seem you leechers listening thanks for all who show respect today and for ever more
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    anyone changed pass banned without warning multiple accounts on one IP banned without warning
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    all leeching no rep/like well i am watching you guyz very well some accounts in porn section 15 replies and no one care to give a rep...... i am not begging rep but soon i share no content with you leechers.
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    hello guys u all need to buy CL special and VIP for this site to continue wit hosting fees and to run so some of u guys can have free stuff check it out please. Very affordable PM admins for info.
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    good night boyz thanks for all who rep today
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    Please read the full forum rules & must follow it don't force us to lock the free sections
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    hash cracking started for CL vip/CL special members, provide him rare & HQ db's
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    leehers show some respect by giving rep for crackers work it is not easy to crack to give free yet still u all lech and never rep"
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    i have been dormant no posting these leechers makes me sad"
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    Good Evening all i see the leeches are back again with same attitude first reply to an account it's dead well i will just watch. post less